Thursday, April 24

It's Been Fun

But I'm ready to start my new adventure...and reignite my passion for blogging.

Please, join me at

Now and forever yours, the Suburban Housewife Editor.

Tuesday, April 15

Feeling Blessed

What a wonderful day, weekend, everything.

It's amazing when life, or He really, let's you know you made the right decision.

Everything is beautiful. Happy. The way it should be.

And I am forever thankful. And grateful.

For the love of my husband. The laugh of my children. The smiles of my family.

Thank you, Lord. 

Friday, April 11

And Today You Turned 4.

Watching you grow up this past year has been amazing.

On your birthday, I always think of what you are like now and were you've been.

Photo from Vicki + Erik Photographers

First, as the sweetest little infant. Such a good sleeper! You were all smiles all the time and loved music. Surprise, surprise, it's still one of your favorite things. I love how you ask for an iPod (not iPad) so you can listen to music each morning. Hearing you belt out 'For the First Time in Forever' makes me smile each and every day. 

Photo from Vicki + Erik Photographers

When you hit 1 you were ready to rock and roll. You had such a fun, laughable personality and you weren't afraid to show it! I loved when you would sit on my lap each morning to drink your cup of milk. We always had the best snuggle session then. And reading to you, each night, on your Patrick the Pup. Ah, I loved how easily you fit into the crooks of my arms.

It shouldn't surprise me that by 2 you had very definitive ideas on what to wear. Pink and frilly was OK, jeans and tees were not. And you had to have your hair in a bow of some sort. By this age, you loved exploring outside and were not afraid of anything. Gosh, you still aren't afraid of much! I'm happy to say you picked that trait up from your father.

This was definitely the year of the tutu. You talked about ballerinas all the time, but weren't quite ready to become one yourself. You also discovered the Disney Princesses and were all too fond of Sleeping Beauty, or Princess Aurora, as you liked to call her. She was pretty in pink - your very favorite color. Your personality blossomed and you and your brother became good friends (finally!).

Although this is the year you really became a big girl. You do everything by yourself and love to be my morning helper. Waffles wouldn't taste the same without your special touch. You light up the room when you smile and your laugh is contagious. You love to play and hate leaving any friends out of the fun. I love watching you grow into an amazingly strong, beautifully independent young girl.

Happy Birthday Babes. I am so proud to be your mother.

I love you now and forever.

Thursday, April 10

The One With the Actually

Last night before bed:

Suburban H.I.T.: A little too much to drink at dinner, huh?

Husby: Actually, I didn't drink that much.

Suburban H.I.T.: Actually, you only say actually when you do.

Husby: Actually, actually, actually.

Suburban H.I.T.: Actually, actually, actually.

Husby: Actually....I have to fart. [farts and laughs] Ok, maybe you are right. Good night.

Monday, April 7

Suburban Style: Rocker Chic

Happy Monday!

After a weekend of nebulizers, Babes cough is finally stable. I'm hopeful we'll be able to take her off the machine today. Unfortunately, she had to miss out on not just one, but two birthday parties this weekend.

At least it's her birthday on Friday...I'm in total denial that my daughter is already 4 years old.

I apologize for not doing my usual Five at Five on Friday. If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, Husby and I were back into the swing of things on Saturday night with our usual date night pic.

Something I really love is getting dolled up on Saturday night.

It reminds me that we are young, in love and full of life.

I pull out all the stops even if we are just eating at the local pub.


Why not? In my crazy life with kids, too often my husband sees me dressed in a t-shirt and jeans. It's nice to shake things up and wear my fancies. Even if all we eat is burger and fries.

And it reminds my husband and I of our first dating memories - the ones where your belly flops and butterflies race. Where you spent over an hour getting ready and even longer agonizing over what to wear. When you dressed to impress.

Lately, I've really been into rocker chic. Leather wristlets decked with gems; pearls and spikes; bright, bold lips; all paired with a cute mini and fab heels.

Fun, right?

Or it's just the Fifty Shades of Grey trailers that keep popping up.

1. Jacket: No Longer Available. Try this one from Revolve,
2. Earrings: Paillette Single Drop Earrings, Chloe + Isabel by Beth, 3. Bracelet: Pyramid Stretch Bracelet, Chloe + Isabel by Beth, 4. Dress: Angelina, DVF on sale, 5. BADgal Last Mascara, Benefit,
6. Ultra Shine Lip Gloss in Hot Citrus Sparkling, Sephora Collection, 7. Purse: Large Shopping Tote, Tod's,
8. Shoes: Capri Glitter Cap-Toe Pumps, Jimmy Choo

What's your go-to style right now? Rocker Chic like me? Romantic? Punky? Boho? Dying to see what others are wearing. It might inspire a change...

Friday, April 4


If you know anything about me, you know that I don't schedule out my posts. 


Because I'm a writer and my best writing happens from everyday life. I need to be moved to write, so to say.

Unfortunately, this also means when life happens my blog gets set aside. Today, that is the case.

Babes has been coughing nonstop for two days. 

Nonstop as in constant spasms that never end.

Now, she has a fever - which she never gets - and is on a nebulizer to help control her spasms.

So, instead of doing my Five at Five post, I'm taking extra special care of my little bird.

I know you understand.


Thursday, April 3

Throwback Thursday

You can't know where you're going until you know where you've been.

And we've certainly had our fun. #tbt

What's your throwback this Thursday?


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