Friday, August 29

Big Guns

I learned early on that it’s important to have an arsenal of about 7-10 dishes that can be called upon at any given notice. Said dishes are fairly simple and the pantry is just about always stocked with all necessary ingredients.

You shouldn’t call on the same dish too frequently though; it causes memory lapse. Case in point, growing up all I remember eating for dinner is chicken cutlets. Now, they remain in my arsenal, but are rarely called into action.

By rotating these dishes, I’m able to cook stress-free meals after a long day of work that leave Husby thinking I am chef extraordinaire and me with more time to unwind on the couch. An example from this week:

At precisely 7:32 p.m., I come home from work. Before my foot hits the threshold, I am accosted by my hunger-driven husband.

Husby pounces: “What’s for dinner?”

As the arsenal runs through my head, it dawns on me that there is no meat defrosted in the fridge. It’s time for the big guns.

I attack: “Hmm…I was thinking of making fettuccini and that homemade creamy sun-dried tomato sauce you like so much.”

Husby considers: “That sounds good… Can you throw in a salad too? You’re going to make such a good mom one day. You’re always making something new for dinner.”

I'm triumphant: “Thank you.”

Within 20 minutes, dinner was done and I was free to relax in a bath.

That, my friends, is what my arsenal and big guns can do.

Wednesday, August 27

Get Your Motors Running…

As I briskly walk down the street weaving in and out of people on my way to the grocery store, it suddenly dawns on me. I am the walking equivalent of the cars that zoom in and out of traffic that I hate so much. Hmph.

Monday, August 25

A blog is born, dies and is born again…

Like most everyone else living in New York City, I decided it was time to start a blog. I told my husband, who I'll call Husby, about it and he immediately vetoed my title All about the Beautiful Woman That Is Me. It’s not that he didn’t think the cyber universe would want to know my every thought. And that eventually, they too would worship the ground I walk on, ultimately causing me to rename my blog All about the Beautiful Woman That Is Queen of the Cyber Universe! Rather, he knowingly suggested I write about something that might help other women (and/or men) as well as me.

After very little thinking, I came to the conclusion that the compliment I receive most is related to my being “domesticated” and not beautiful. Thus, the subject Housewife-in-Training, or H.I.T. as I like to call it, was born (and Husby-approved). More on what it means to be an H.I.T. later. I promise.

Now my true problem emerges – the subject of my first post.


Even as I write this, I’m stumbling, and I’m never at a loss for words. Anyone who knows me or made it down this far would loudly attest to the claim. Do I write about myself? Why I’m starting a blog? About the deliriously funny posts that await you? That just seems cheesy and expected and not at all like me.

Do I jump right into my H.I.T. musings? Give my one reader (and sister) some insight on things I have learned as an H.I.T.? That seems too soon, like I am skipping the foreplay and jumping right into bed with you. I’m supposed to be Queen of the Cyber Universe, not the Cyber Universe Call Girl.

And to top it all off, now that I’m finally starting my blog I find that I’m a wee bit blog-shy. So rather than create some fake happy post that you would see through quicker than a pasted-on smile for a "frienemy," I decided to hang my blog-shy laundry out the window to dry.

With no regrets and no censor, this is me, otherwise known as a Housewife-in-Training.


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