Monday, August 31

For the Love of Clarins Giveaway

Would you ever guess that Husby is higher maintenance than me?

His closet has more fine, Italian cashmere sweaters, he gets his hair cut at the same place I do (and spends the same amount!), his razor handle is made of bone, and, of course, he only uses the best skin care products. So, naturally, it was Husby who first introduced me to Clarins.

It was love at first use.

At first, we only used the Sun Wrinkle Control Cream. Soon after, I began using a light weight lotion for my body. Then I was at the airport and discovered the Travel Cleansing Trio. It was perfect for all our trips, I thought.

But it was just an excuse.

I was full-on addicted to the product line. So when I was invited to a blogger event for the launch of the new Clarins Multi-Active skin care line I quickly said yes. It was about time for my Clarins fix. I was looking to change up my current skin care routine and this seemed like the perfect venue.

The Multi-Active Day line is specially formulated to help you fight the stresses of a busy lifestyle while going beyond prevention to actually correct early signs of aging. My favorite part? It won't clog pores and is baby-making (and later on, pregnancy) friendly.

I’ll take two, please.

Want to test it out for yourself? Check out Clarins on Facebook (you don’t need to be a member) to order a complimentary 15-day sample. But hurry ladies. Only the first 5,000 people will receive one.

Too late for the 15-day sample? Then head over to any Clarins counter across the country for a complimentary 20-minute facial treatment, called Skin Time, personalized to suit your skin needs.

As if you really needed another reason to go shopping for beauty products.

And because I love you all so much, I'm offering one lucky reader two NEW Clarins products - new Pro Palette Eyebrow kit ($35) and new Wonder Perfect Mascara ($23.50).

All you have to do is go to Clarins and tell me what your favorite product is in a comment below. Contest open until 11:59 p.m. EST September 8, 2009. Limit one entry per reader. Must have e-mail enabled or leave e-mail in comment. If I do not hear from you within 2 days, a new winner will be choosen.

Disclaimer: H.I.T. is not responsible for any product addictions that might occur as a result of sampling Clarins. Please shop responsibly.

Serious Disclaimer: On a serious note, I only write about products I personally use and have tested. I also only write about products that I like. I was not paid to write this, but I was invited to an event where information about the product line was distributed and samples were available for testing. I chose to write this post based on my own positive experiences with the Clarins brand and hope that you all enjoy it as much as I do.

Revenge of the Fly

This weekend Husby and I sat on the couch, laid in bed, sat on the couch some more, finally left the apartment to meet fabulous friends for some delicious Hibachi, then laid in bed some more, sat on the couch, and laid in bed.

We enjoyed every minute of our lazy weekend.

Yesterday the weather was so nice, we opened up all the windows to get rid of the stale lazy stank permeating the apartment to get some fresh air. It was perfect.

Until a large horsefly flew in.

H.I.T., freaking out: Husby, kill that fly.

Husby, barely moving an inch: I’ll get it.

H.I.T., grossing herself out with mental images: Husby, kill that fly now. They bite and that is never a good thing for H.I.T.s.

Husby, trying to get out of moving: But they are only small nibbles. It’s good for you. Like those fish they use in pedicures.

H.I.T., thoroughly disgusted: Ew. What pedicures have you been getting?

We’ve forgotten about the fly. Score 1 for the Fly. Fly 1, Husby 0.

H.I.T., comes out of t.v. stupor: Husby, kill that fly.

Husby, barely moving an inch: I’ll get it.

H.I.T., not falling for this again: Husby, kill that fly now.

[H.I.T. runs into the other room because she is a big baby when it comes to anything creepy crawly and smaller than her.]

Husby, proudly walking into the kitchen: Done. I had to climb to the top of the couch to get it.

H.I.T., happy: At least you got some exercise today.

We’ve forgotten about the fly. Score 1 for Husby. Fly 1, Husby 1.

H.I.T., rubbing full belly on couch: Thanks for cleaning up.

Husby, looking at me incredulously: Sure thing.

[Husby goes into the kitchen.]

Husby: Oh shit!

H.I.T., worried a dish might have broken something bad happened, runs into the kitchen: What?!

Husby, clearly surprised to see me up: The fly came back from the dead! He tried to attack my face, but I got it back into the garbage.

H.I.T., relieved: Let’s not leave the windows open anymore.

Who needs adventures when you have flies in your apartment? Score 1 for the Fly and for Husby. Fly 2, Husby 2.

Friday, August 28

Comments Make the World Go Round

I began reading the comments from yesterday’s post and the first one was from my sister:

She had me laughing so hard, I farted cried.

And that’s not the first time. From time to time you all tell me I make you smile, made you laugh, burp, whatever, but in reality, it’s you guys who make my life a little funnier. So in honor of all the comments I’ve received in the past year (yes, I’ve been doing this a whole year), I’m giving you guys my Top Ten.

All the comments that made me pee my pants. laugh, smile and be thankful for everyone who reads A NYC Housewife-in-Training. Here’s to you!

At first, the only people who read my blog were family members. It was their constant mockery support that kept me going.

Finally, I received my first comment from a stranger. Someone I never met named Jade was basically telling me that the Barefoot Contessa looks like a bobblehead. Let the good times begin.

Scandalous Housewife came into my life, schooling me on the cougar world.

It wasn’t long before Legallyblondemel began providing deep, meaningful insight on the ways of the pretty.

When Mr. Anonymous, a real life frienemy, reared his ugly head and I snapped back, Chatham’s dry sarcasm had me hooked.

Dollface had me puking in my mouth dying at the thought of picturing Husby and I as Speidi.

Kaitlin was spot-on in her comment about the Edward vs. Jacob dilemma.

And finally, bringing it back to the subject at hand – farts – was Mrs. Ashley Paige.

And this is just a sampling from the past year. You all gave me so many to choose from, but let’s be honest, this post is long enough.

So thank you everyone for coming along on this fun ride with me, a NYC Housewife-in-Training. I can’t wait for you to see what’s in store this year…

Thursday, August 27

Making Amends

Normally, I’m not a mean person. I don’t know what came over me yesterday. Two hours after I published my post, I realized I was ashamed telling my father about it and that I felt guilty for putting it up.

I’m not going to remove the post, though.

Why, you ask? I like to be reminded of my faults. I edited the language to be slightly (what I think) more humorous and less mean, because really, if she were my friend, I would NOT let her leave the house in a fashion faux pas.

Maybe I am cruel in my honesty. Llama?

To make amends, I decided it’s only fair that I let you all poke fun at some of my own faux pas over the years. Here are the top 10:

1. I rocked every 80s trend. Hard. Scrunchies (even the headband scrunchie), multiple socks, tapered jeans, electric wash, body glove, pastels, neons, you-name-it, I wore it. Proudly.

2. In 6th grade, the GAP came out with ties for women. Most people didn’t get into the trend. I, however, did. Me and one other girl who happens to share a similar name as me. It lasted all of 3 months. No wonder I didn’t have a boyfriend.

3. I had a crush on a boy and we once wore a similar colored shirt, so everyone said, “Ohh! H.I.T. and Crush Object should go out!” We blushed. I then tried to copy his outfit more often so people would continue to say that. I thought I was being cute. He thought I was a stalker.

4. My sister and I were fooling around in my baby brother’s room and, somehow, we ended up with baby diapers on our heads. We created a song called, “All America With Diapers On Our Heads,” rallied our brothers to join in the signing group, and encouraged our mother to tape the whole thing. Yes, there is a record of this debauchery.

5. When grunge came out, I wore baggy jeans, a HUGE flannel shirt and a pair of work boots to school with my hair undone. I was the only person in my grade dressed this way. Even my friends made fun of me.

6. Shortly after, baby tees became my daily staple. You know, those shirts that look like onesies but were actually worn by people like me. I single handedly kept the baby tee manufacturers in business.

7. I had BIG hair. I partially blame my mom for that.

8. When Clueless came out, I my inner stalker once again let loose and I tried to buy replicas of what Cher wore in the movie. I managed to obtain most of her looks. And think hard, but remember that one scene when she’s watching TV with Josh and puts a ton of clips in her hair? I did that too. I was a bit clueless about Clueless.

9. After, I wore baggy jeans, over-sized polos, the whitest of white Reeboks and a huge puffy jacket. I listened to rap and thought I was “hard-core.” I wasn’t fooling anyone.

10. By senior year of high school, I moved onto PJs. I continued my PJ craze all through college. I even wore sweatpants out at night. I thought I was so cool in my “I don’t really care how I look” phase, but really I just looked sloppy.

It took me a long time to finally come into my own fashion sense. I truly tested the fashion waters. Sure I sunk more times than not, but after all that sinking and stalking I finally feel comfortable with who I am.

And one thing that I’m not is mean.

Random lady at the airport, wherever you may be, I’m sorry. Taking your picture and posting it on my blog was cruel. We laughed at your expense. But, you’re not alone. We’ve all been laughed at a few times and it’s made us all the better. I know this will be no exception.

So what is your biggest fashion faux pas?

Wednesday, August 26

Welcome Home

At the airport...

Friends don't let friends have back camel toe.

Edited to add:

She was wearing a top.

And, honestly folks, she didn't look bad from the front.

If you read this, please read the next day's (Thursday's) post too. It's important to me that you do.

Tuesday, August 25

The One With the Elevator

Riding in the elevator up to our apartment:

[Husby farts]

H.I.T.: Gross.

Husby: What? I was just releasing some pheromones.

H.I.T.: How’s that working out for you?

Husby: By the sound of your voice, not so good.

H.I.T. Ew, gross! It stinks. Get. Me. Out of here. Now. [frantically pushing floor button]

Husby: Ha! I just hot-boxed the elevator.

H.I.T.: Jerk.

Monday, August 24

Case Of the Mondays Award

Today I woke up at 6 which is a huge accomplishment for me, jumped out of bed, hopped in the shower and basically sang my way through the morning.

I’m in that good of a mood. I can feel you all the hating me now.

I made a big breakfast and now am going to run some errands with all my extra energy. Since I have to post something today, I’ve decided to stop procrastinating and post a few awards I received in the last two weeks.


I don’t know where that came from. Really, I think someone may have spiked my coffee.

The witty B over at Bobby Pins Required presented all her bloggy friends with

so I’m also sharing the love and presenting this to all my bloggies because who doesn’t want a picture of Dwight on their blog?.

The fantabulous Park Avenue Princess presented me with the

Splash Award

This award is given to alluring, amusing, bewitching, impressive, and inspiring blogs. Pass it on to 9 other blogs.

Llama Tales
I Pick Pretty
Mrs. Newlywed
The English Preppy
Small Town Girl
Lucky in Love

The creative Cassie and one of my newest favoritre reads, Kelsey, both gave me

One Lovely Blog Award

To pass onto 15 bloggers. Phew!

Domestic Diva
Martinis or Diaper Genies
Just Another Day in Paradise
Glamour Girl
B is for Brown
Preppy Coastee
French Kiss
Adorably Distracted
Bobby Pins Required
Lil’ Woman

Hope you all enjoy this wonderful Monday morning! I know, I know, gag me now.

Friday, August 21

All the Leaves Are Brown...

Not really, but after this summer heat wave I am so ready for some crisp fall weather. All the stores are putting out fall merchandise and I am just gobbling up all the sweaters, leggings and boots! I feel like it’s 1992 all over again, except this time I’m much cooler, know how to style my hair and am married.

So after reading The McMommy Chronicles and Chelle, I’m following suit and telling you what I’m looking forward to most this fall:

1. One last trip to Germany before my sister and her family come home (well, this is really Labor Day weekend, but since that is the last weekend of summer, first weekend of fall in my world, it counts).

2. Apple picking with Husby. This time we will definitely buy the bag bushel again.

3. Taking out my navy Hunter wellies and tan quilted jacket. My riding boots and tweed jacket. My sweaters and black boots. My turtlenecks and flats. I love fall clothes. Give me a Gorsuch catalog and I’m in heaven.

4. After spending the weekends outside of the city, the return of our good friends and all the brunches that follow.

5. MOVING. Yes, we are moving. More details to come on where this fall…

6. Decorating. My house and for the holidays. I absolutely love holidays and in our apartment, you’d be hard pressed to find space for storing holiday decorations. Now that we are moving I can decorate to my hearts delight! I’ve already bought us some Halloween decorations and am busy planning what the outside of our house will look like (bales of hay at the door, pumpkins). I can’t wait. I am like a child in a candy shop.

7. Chili and tailgate foods. Yum.

8. Cold nights by a fire.

9. The overall happiness that transcends New York City as the holidays approach.

10. Soup, soup and more soup.

What are you looking forward to this fall?

Thursday, August 20

Got 10 Minutes?

And $10? That’s all you need to make this:

1. Buy 2 $5 bouquets from the bodega on the street (grocery store works too).
2. Combine bouquets and cut the stems to fit vase.
3. Wrap a rubber band around the stems to hold and cover with decorative ribbon.
4. Using rocks (or shells, etc.) for support, stand bouquet up in vase.

Wednesday, August 19

A Tale of Two Girls

In middle school I was a loser. Now I know this is a popular topic that celebrities love to harp on, but I really was a loser. Yes, I had a few friends, but we were not the popular ones. We weren't even the semi-popular ones. We sat on the outskirts of the lunch room. I wouldn’t touch the other, cooler lunch room with a 10-foot pole.

Why am I telling you all of this?

Because during those loser years a true friendship emerged. As she wrote in my high school year book about those middle school days, “I always knew I could expect a friendly smile from you.” And vice versa.

Once high school hit, this ugly duckling blossomed, as most do. All of the sudden these two loser girls were sought after by the “popular” boys. So what did we do?

We fought over them. Of course.

Then one day things changed. My friend, Dollface, and I were creating a group (because that’s just what you did in our school) and we wanted to add another girl. We decided on my old friend. She was nice and always someone we liked when not fighting over boys, so together we drove to her house, knocked on her door and asked if she would like to be friends with us, officially.

She agreed.

So many memorable years followed. Boyfriends and break-ups, new college friends mixing with old high school ones, new cities and homes, fianc├ęs becoming husbands, and soon all the children that will follow.

She was a bridesmaid at my wedding and one of the most amazing people I know. I am so excited to introduce her to all of you. She is a romantic at heart and as silly as they come. I welcome you to

I’m already addicted to her tales of love and can’t wait to learn even more about my good friend. I hope you will all join her on this journey into blogland, showing her the same love and support you’ve offered me over the months.

It’s funny, because when I started writing this, I wasn’t sure exactly which direction the post would go in – funny or sentimental. Obviously I took the latter route. But only because I tease Llama way too much in real life. I’ll give you a quick taste.

We were discussing her subhead over the phone:

H.I.T.: How about, “Stories from the jungle”?

Llama: Llama’s aren’t from the jungle…

H.I.T.: Our love is short and sweet and from the jungle. I mean the mountains.

Llama: No!!!

H.I.T.: Adventures in love to infinity and beyond….

Llama: I am NOT Buzz. I am Llama.

[type, type, type]

Llama: Hey, what’s that sound?

H.I.T.: What sound?

[type, type, type]

Llama: Are you blogging this?!

H.I.T.: Maybe... How else are my readers going to agree with me that the jungle subhead is really the best one?

Llama: Oh, H.I.T…

H.I.T.: Welcome to the blogging world :).

Tuesday, August 18

The One With the Attack

In the middle of the night:

[H.I.T. rolls over, draping arm across Husby.]

Husby, stirs in his sleep: Hmmm…sneak attack…

[H.I.T. quickly rolls in opposite direction.]

Husby, deflated: No?

H.I.T., muffled: Go back to sleep.

Monday, August 17

So You Want To Start A Blog

Edited to add: Rule #4 from Lil' Woman, Rule #5 from Mrs. Newylwed, and links for HTML code how-to for opening a link in a new window (so much easier than my tutorial) and strikethroughs.

A good friend of mine in real life is joining the blogging world. I couldn’t be happier because that means one more follower. Before getting started, she asked for some general blogging advice. Although I'm really not sure why. It's not like I have any clue what I'm doing here.

Here’s what I wrote her (as if you care):

Hey New Blogging Friend,

So happy you’re finally taking the plunge! Although I wish you would really think twice about your subhead…my jungle idea would really rock blogland. Here are some tips to get you started.

Getting Your Blog Up and Running

Rule #1. Don’t use word verification. It’s a pain in the ass and sometimes results in no commenting. Most spammers aren’t dying to attack blogs via commenting, or maybe it's just any blog that talks about someone named "Husby." Either way, it's easy to set-up if you do get spammed.

Rule #2. Set comments up so that they are either a pop-up or open in a new window. Mozilla and Chrome have both experienced problems when comments are embedded beneath the post, which results in less commenting. And the fabulous pop-up window let’s you view the post (and pictures) while writing your comment. Who would have thought the world could be so good?

Rule #3. To anonymous or not to anonymous. It’s really up to you. I let people anonymously comment for a while, and for the most part, no one did except for Mr. Anonymous who I know in real-life to be a shady bastard. But once in a blue moon Anonymous would come popping into my life and I would have to find the sordid comment and hit delete before too many people jumped to my defense and drop kicked his ass saw the obnoxious words. I have a life. Finding anonymous comments isn’t part of it.

Rule #4. Lil' Woman has a point. We love getting to know you better through your playlist, but please don't set it to play automatically. "Most of us read and blog from work so if our speakers start blasting Soulja Boy, it won't be looked on kindly from our bosses."


Humans are narcissistic by nature we wouldn’t be writing a blog otherwise and love feedback. Here are some general ground rules.

Rule #1. Don’t comment for comments sake. Sometimes a simple “Cool” or “Wow” is OK, sometimes it’s not. A “well written post” is always appreciated; just make sure that it’s not the only thing you say every time you comment. We’re looking for feedback, thoughts, ideas. But mostly, we just want to know that we’re not alone. That these things happen to everyone. That we're not super big morons. Oh wait, that last part's just me.

Rule #2. If you have a differing opinion than the blogger, it’s OK, just be respectful about it. After all, it is their blog and you chose to read it...ahem, ahem, Mr. Anonymous.

Rule #3. If someone comments on you, comment back. This goes back to our narcissistic nature. You don’t have to comment every time, but popping in every once in a while is a nice way to spread the love.

Rule #4. Don’t ask a question in a comment unless you've enabled e-mail in your profile. It’s so frustrating to hit "reply to" on a comment only to be faced with the dreaded "". I won't even go into the number of hours I've wasted replying back to comments only to learn THIS WEEK that they never got my response back to them. Yes, sometimes I am that dumb.

Rule #5. As Mrs. Newylwed said, "Don't get your panties in a wad if it takes a while to get a lot of comments and/or followers. Numbers do not necessarily = better blog."


Rule #1. You’re a teacher, so I know I don’t have to tell you this, but plagerizing is not cool. One well known blogger we’ll call Niss. Nusing, did this. Her posts were lovely. We oohhed and aahhed over her delectable speech. Then we found out she was stealing. Silly girl. Now her book deal is down the tubes (as it should be) and she’s lost all her friends. I only hope she’s learned her lesson.

Rule #2. If someone else’s post inspires you, link back. You wouldn’t write an opinion paper without citations, so don’t write a blog without proper citations. Whether it’s a recipe from another blog that you altered, a picture from Google Images or a good post that spawned your idea, you should always link back to the proper source when called for. See my post on pictures as an example.

Rule #3. The HTML code - target="_blank" - is your best friend. When you embed a link in a post, this bad boy sets it up so the link opens in a new window. It is heaven on earth. No more annoying back clicks. Use this well and use this often. Since I'm no computer whiz and obviously made this a ton more complicated than it really is, you can read about how to do it here.

Rule #4. Strikethroughs. Not to brag or anything, because I'd never do anything like that but I found this on Google in one shot. You can read about it here.

After writing all this, I’ll probably do a post…hope you don’t mind. I’m curious to see what I’m missing. Besides, I thought of it first. And finder’s keepers…

It’s a good think we’re not in middle school anymore.

Love you,

Note: I've come to learn all these rules over time and by reading other blogs - many of whom have written similar posts at one point or another - so I'm citing the whole blogging world for inspiring this post. All of you and my good friend, who I can't wait to introduce you to.

Friday, August 14

True Stories From A Glamorous Blogger

I have to admit, I’ve never been a fan of guest bloggers because no one’s ever asked me and I felt left out., so you can imagine my excitement skepticism when the lovely Glamour Girl asked if I would be interested in swapping blogs for the day. Naturally, Hesitatingly, I accepted.

I mean the girl likes Disco.

But luckily she also dreams of sailing with T. Pain (remind you of anybody else you might know?); knows how to swing on a pole; broke up with reality t.v. if only I was so brave; and crushes on Dan Rather.

She’s pretty damn witty and keeps me coming back for more, so without further delay I present Mrs. Glamour Girl.

Can’t get enough of me? Want a glimpse into my past? (Hint, it rhymes with Kountry.) Then check out my post for Glamour Girl here.


Living in the south for eight years and having developed a bit of a drawl and a tolerance for sweet tea, I am now pretty much considered a “Southerner,” but a part of my heart still belongs in New York City where I arrived a decade ago with no job, no place to live and $250 in my pocket (and with just enough naivety to make it work!)

One of my first crazy experiences living in the big city was merely nothing more than a blonde moment and a lack of kitchen skills, but to this day is still one of the funniest moments of my life.

My Roomie and I were just settling into our new place and were delighted with the fact that the building had been totally renovated (let’s ignore the fact that the reason for renovation was a fire that gutted the building!) Everything was brand spanking new! I unpacked all the hand-me-down dishes and kitchen items that my mom had sent along with me, including some cute kitty cat oven mitts that she had given me as a housewarming gift. I put my kitty mitts in a cute little drawer I found under the oven that had the word “Storage” in big raised letters on the bottom.

A few days later Roomie and I decided (gourmet chefs that we were!) to make frozen pizza for dinner. I stuck the pizza in the oven and a few minutes later smelled something weird.

Glamour Girl: “What’s that weird smell?”
Roomie: “Oh – that’s just new oven smell. Don’t worry about it!”

I shrugged my shoulders and went about my business until I just couldn’t stand the smell anymore. Curious, I peeked inside the oven and to my surprise a billow of smoke came pouring out at me. I couldn’t figure it out though. The smoke was pouring out of the oven at this point, but the pizza itself was fine and nothing else in the oven was on fire.

Roomie surmised that there must be something wrong with our new oven and ran to alert the Super who lived on the first floor. The fumes from the gas oven were now intolerable and I ran to open all the windows. With fire alarms blaring, all the tenants were now out in the hallway wondering what was going on.

A man that lived downstairs that I had never met walked into the apartment to find me choking with eyes watering so bad that I could barely see anymore.

Glamour Girl: “I don’t know what’s wrong! The oven keeps smoking, but the pizza isn’t on fire or anything.”

Random man from downstairs walked calmly over to the oven, took one look inside, opened the drawer below and to my astonishment, pulled out a burnt, charred kitty mitt, held it up and said, “I think this is your problem,” tossed it in the sink and walked back out the door.

WHAT???? I couldn’t believe it! The drawer had said “Storage!” So I ran to the drawer, pulled it out again to prove myself right and for the first time noticed the other words above the word “Storage,” which read, “Do Not Use For.”

I burst into tears, humiliated and defeated. Roomie quickly dumped some juice and all of the vodka we had into two glasses and we climbed through my bedroom window out onto the fire escape. We sat there until the smoke dissipated, drowning our sorrows and watching the moon rise over the city.

Roomie (clinking her glass against mine): “Welcome to New York City!”
Glamour Girl: “Yes, welcome to New York City!”

And to this day, we still joke about “new oven smell.”

Thursday, August 13

My Personal Pause Button

Yesterday, I was reading a post from new blogger Carla, momMy Slice of Life, about how grand it would be if life, like your DVR, came equipped with a remote for pausing, fast forwarding, and rewinding.

How many times have you wanted to hit pause and capture the moment forever?

I guess that’s why I love pictures so much. Remember when Husby went snap crazy during our trip to Italy? Sure I complained about sorting through all the photos, but in truth, I love having so many memories from our Italian getaway.

And that’s not all.

I have photos of my grandmother when she was an infant; photos of my great-grandparent’s home on O’Hare field before it became an airport; photos of my mom at her sister’s brownie troupe meeting; photos of Husby, pre-H.I.T.; photos of every inch of my life.

Countless nights have been spent reminiscing with loved ones over those images. Maybe I wasn’t around during all the memories, but having a camera, or our own personal remote, to press pause on each moment, has helped make them mine.

p.s. The fabulously fashionable woman in the photo is my Grandma.

Wednesday, August 12

Sometimes I Cry...

When I see the girls on 16 and Pregnant with their unplanned wombs growing, remembering our loss.

Sometimes I scream when I read about newly pregnant bloggers, praying they aren’t writing too soon.

Sometimes I laugh with the newest crop of babies, learning new things every day.

And sometimes I cry at the stories of childbirth, smiling because our time will one day come.

Tuesday, August 11

The One With the Lady

At a baseball game on a hot, sunny day, I receive a text message from a friend:

Friend: Hey! Are you around for brunch?

H.I.T.: At baseball game. Call you this week? So hot…

Friend: Oh!! Have fun! Weather can't be too bad :)

H.I.T.: So friggin hot. Sweating my balls off.

Friend: That’s what I like about you, H.I.T. You’re such a lady…

Monday, August 10

Pillow Talk

This weekend Husby and I bounced from furniture store to furniture store until we finally found the perfect match. They had the couch we wanted in a color we liked and it was all within budget.

We hit furniture gold.

To top it all off, the store was having a sale on our couch beginning this Friday, so we would fall UNDER budget. I have goose bumps just thinking about it.

So we began looking at throw pillows. Things were falling together beautifully. We found fabrics that accented our couch and would bring color and life to our new home. Who knew this would all be so easy.

We young couples never learn do we?

Later that day, we received the estimate for the couch, a chair and the pillows. Something didn’t look quite right.

Husby: This wasn’t what we discussed.

H.I.T.: Why did the price jump?

We took a look at the bill more closely.

Husby: What?!?!?!? We’re being charged $2000 for pillows?

H.I.T.: Seven to be exact. I’ll call and cancel them tomorrow.

Husby: Damn straight.

H.I.T.: Oh hunny. I love your pillow talk.

Call us crazy, but we thought that price was a little absurd.

Some of the fabrics we liked aren’t too expensive, so we can buy the fabric and have the pillows made elsewhere. I might even take out my sewing machine and try to make some myself. It shouldn’t be too hard to remember what I learned back in home economics. It was only 15 years ago…

Friday, August 7

Nightmare On My Street

Last night, I woke up at from a nightmare. Damn thing kept me up for almost an hour. I went on twitter to help myself get back to sleep.

It worked.

What was the nightmare about you ask? Being haunted.

Yes, I am that weird sometimes.

Now before you read further, I swear I am not some crazy woman who lives alone with her 99 cats hallucinating about flying saucers coming to kidnap me.

Husby’s childhood home is haunted.

By real ghosts. Even his dad (Mr. Serious) admits this. Their home was built on the old Boston Post Road – a road where Revolutionary War soldiers marched and fought. One ghost in their dwelling is of one such soldier who just stares at you. Luckily, I haven’t seen him or I might never return to their home.

What have I seen?

Nothing, exactly, but I’ve heard and felt plenty. Because, for some reason, these ghosts just don’t like me. His parents don’t experience these things and neither does Husby. All they get is the stare. I get the types of things that scare the bejesus out of you.

Episode 1:

I woke up to a loud noise. I looked at the clock, it was 4:21 a.m., looked around, saw nothing and lay down to go back to sleep. As I did, I heard someone running around the bed towards me. Running towards me. I was scared out of my mind.

I closed my eyes shut and held onto Husby for dear life. I was cold for a brief second, surprise, surprise and actually checked to make sure the sheets were still on (because everyone knows your safe under the covers). They were. Moments later, everything was back to normal.

Let’s just say I didn’t get up to go to the bathroom until a good hour later.

Episode 2:

While pregnant, I spent the night at my in-laws without Husby.

Big mistake.

I woke up again in the middle of the night to a noise. I looked at the clock, it was 4:14 a.m. Then I felt something pushing on my chest. I couldn’t breathe. I tried screaming for help and couldn’t. I pleaded in my mind for it to stop and it did. Just like that. I could breathe again. I called Husby and yelled at him for letting me sleep alone in the haunted house. He was sleeping and doesn’t remember the conversation. Men.

Episode 3 (well, not really, but I’m counting it because who gets haunted in their dreams?!?!):

Last night, I was dreaming about going on a trip with my Mom. We had to stop for the night. Of course, the only place is some creepy inn.

I hate the idea, but Mom assures me it’ll be fine. The inn keeper tells us that the only room left is haunted. I ask her how. She tells me that sometimes you hear noises. Sometimes worse. I ask what? She says that the woman who lived here last went crazy. She thought she felt ants crawling all over her body.


My mom and I have to share a bed, which is just fine by me. I wake up (in my dream) from a loud noise. Fabulous, I think. My mom does too. Phew. She goes to comfort me and the next thing I know, she becomes the ghost and gives me the creepy ant crawling feeling all over my body!!! ARGH!!! I awoke (for real) in quite a state.

I mean seriously?! How scary is that.

So I sat awake forever. Thinking about our new home, blog topics, anything and everything to clear my mind from my scary nightmare. Finally, I looked at the clock. It was 4:20 a.m. Seriously?!? I just can’t win.

You see, I’m not crazy. Just a little delusional at 4:00 o’clock in the morning.

Thursday, August 6

What’s for Dinner?

After almost a full week of eating nothing but
crapfast food, Husby declared that he wanted something healthy to eat.

Silly Husby. He actually thinks he dictates what we eat for dinner.

Earlier that morning, I had bought some fresh fish and planned on making a nice, light meal for dinner. The trick was convincing Husby that he also wanted a nice, light meal for dinner. I called him up and we began discussing dinner options.

H.I.T.: So I was thinking about dinner.

Husby: Ok. How about some nice tacos?

H.I.T.: Well, let’s take a look at what we’ve eaten lately.

Husby: Uh huh…

H.I.T.: We’ve had a few bowls of rich, creamy chowder; some greasy fried clams and French fries; lunch at golden arches; thick, cheesy pizza; all that gourmet cheese for lunch on Sunday; and we’ve both eaten out for dinner the last two nights.

Husby: Ew. I feel 10 lbs heavier just hearing that.

H.I.T.: Tell me about it.

Husby: Maybe we can bake some fish? Keep it nice and light tonight?

H.I.T.: Great idea! I’ll pick some up later.

And that is how is how we decide what’s for dinner.

H.I.T. Arsenal Recipe #12: Halibut, Tomatoes & Basil

2 1-1/2 thick Halibut filets*
Salt & Pepper
Olive Oil
1 tomato, seeded and diced
Fresh Basil

1. Preheat oven to 400°F. Season halibut with salt and pepper. Place one halibut filet in the middle of a piece of parchment paper, roughly 15”x15”.
2. Drizzle olive oil over fish. Using fingers, tear one large basil leaf into small pieces, dropping over fish as you go. Cover fish with half of diced tomatoes.
3. Fold parchment into a square packet and secure with rope. Bake for 15-20 minutes (10 minutes per inch of thickness). Untie rope and serve. Enjoy!

*Any white fish will work. You might have to adjust the cooking time though.


For some reason, Google thinks I'm a spamming computer. I can't access Twitter, my blog, nothing (even on my iphone!). Thank goodness I can still access e-mail and hopefully post this. Can you please let me know if you can read this. I'm trying to figure out if Google is blocking just me (and my computer IP) or if it's also my website. Also, if you have any idea who I can send an e-mail to to resolve this problem, I'd appreciate all the help I can get.

After this, I'm going back to Yahoo.

Edited to add: We're back up. Regular post for today later this afternoon. Thanks all for the help/support. Stupid Google.

Wednesday, August 5


Besides sleep talking, I sometimes have bouts of insomnia. Like this past weekend. I kept waking up with this song stuck in my head:

Has this phenomena happened to anyone else? It’s like the Macarena but worse. I woke up at least four times humming the song. Seriously?! Maybe the song is a little too catchy.

Whatever the case, I’m moving it off my playlist. The only reason I should be waking up at night is because Husby’s entered enemy territory.

Tuesday, August 4

The One With the Moon

Sitting on the boat having a cocktail:

Husby: [pointing] Look hun, there's the moon and there’s the sun.

H.I.T.: Cool.

Husby: Oh shit, I mean there’s the moon and a reflection of the sun.

H.I.T.: [laughing] How many of those have you had?

Husby: You thought it was the sun too…

H.I.T.: Maybe we should stop drinking.


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