Monday, November 23

Country Roads Take Me Home

It's official.

We’ve moved.

The best part? Husby and I no longer fight for space on our bed. I finally had an excuse to order from Ashley Brooke Designs. I’ve seen her work all over blogland and have entered contest after contest in vain in hopes of winning some notecards, invitations, heck, anything she’s touched!

So when our offer was accepted at the end of July, Husby and I began discussing a few important items.

Husby: Now, you understand that we’re going to have to save alot of money to pay for our new home.

H.I.T.: Of course! And, I know just who to use for our moving cards...

Husby: Moving cards?

H.I.T.: So everyone knows our new address, phone number, etc...

Husby: We can’t just e-mail everyone?

H.I.T.: NO!

Husby: Let the spending begin...

And so my love affair began. The process to create custom moving cards was quick and painless. Lady even e-mailed me back two weeks before she got married. Now that’s dedication.

Let’s ignore the fact that I am taking a month long hiatus over moving.

The end result? Perfection. Exactly what I envisioned but better. What do you think?*

Now if only I would share our BIG news already...

*Note: Image provided by Ashley Brooke Designs. Names, address, phone numbers, etc. were changed and chosen by Ashley Brooke Designs.

Thursday, November 5

Where In The World Is H.I.T.?

I know how much you all love housekeeping details, so I won’t bore you with a Clarins surprise just yet.

Who am I kidding?

I really just want to keep you all in suspense so you actually read the entire post instead of just skipping down to the fun stuff.

Man have I been a promise breaker.

When I wrote this I promised that I would post at least twice a week. LIAR. I also promised to read all my dailies at least once a week. [cough, cough] Bullsh*t [cough, cough]. This must be how it feels to be president.

Here’s a promise even I can keep. I’m coming back!

Just not until December.

Yep, you heard me right. This NYC H.I.T. won’t be back until December 1st with her daily posting and readings. We move in two weeks and then it’s Thanksgiving…you get the picture. BUT, I did promise you some BIG changes at NYC Housewife-In-Training, and I do intend to keep that promise…

Let the anticipation begin.

Now the fun stuff. Remember when I wrote about Clarins new Multi-Active Day line and told you to become a fan on Facebook to receive a complimentary 15-day sample? No? Well quick, become a fan by Sunday, November 8th. All Clarins Facebook fans will receive a surprise indulgence.

Curious what it could be? Me too. Good thing I’m already a fan. Are you?


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