Tuesday, April 27

Meet Babes

This is the little cutie taking up all my free time these days.

We love her to death. Obviously.

Luckily, she doesn't realize all the mistakes we keep making. Or she does, and that's what she finds so darn funny.

I'll be back in a few weeks with another new addition - Mommy-In-Training Mondays. If you think Husby is funny, wait until you see what our daughter comes up with...from Houdini to pirates, at just two weeks, she's got it covered. And, Tuesday conversations will move to Thursday.

Looking forward to sharing our new adventures with you all soon!

Photo has been removed. 

Thursday, April 15

Baby H.I.T. is Born!

Baby H.I.T., or Babes as we'll be calling her here, was born on April 11th at 9:29 p.m. at 7 lbs, 4 oz and 20 inches long.

Husby and I couldn't be happier to have our little girl here with us. She is quite the bundle of joy and the love we feel for her is immeasurable.

The labor was relatively short - less than 12 hours - but very difficult with a few minor complications. Babes and I are both home and doing fine. As soon as things have slowed down a bit, I'll resume posts.

Until then, thank you so much for all your well wishes.

Sunday, April 11

It's Time!

It is official! After weeks of being undecided, Baby H.I.T. has finally decided that she is ready to meet the world!

She can’t wait to meet her mommy because she knows that mommy has done anything and everything to make sure that she grows nice and strong, no matter how much sleep she has missed, no matter how many aches she has had, no matter how many chocolate cookies she needed to nibble on.

As for daddy... who wouldn’t love daddy right from the start? She could hear him talking to her and especially liked playing hide and go seek with him these past couple of weeks. That daddy sure is fun!

Currently, our mommy-to-be is at the hospital!

Notification times:
11:18 am- H.I.T.'s water broke
2:13 pm- H.I.T. is in labor

6:17 pm- Still waiting...

I feel so completely privileged to be able to share this great news with all of you. Please keep everyone in your thoughts and hope for a safe, happy and healthy delivery of Baby H.I.T.!

with love, Llama

Friday, April 9

Choose Your Own Adventure

Today I’m going to do something I’ve never done for Husby...give you all a choice.

See, I know I’m lame.

My blog posts have certainly been lacking during this pregnancy phase, not to mention, only mostly surrounding anything preggers-related. But truth is, that has been our life these last nine months.

That and home decor.

And lately, it’s only gotten worse. Conversations with everyone from Husby to the UPS man center around whether I’ve given birth yet.

True story. The UPS man asked my mother-in-law if I gave birth when she answered the door instead of me.

We’re all on pins and needles here waiting for this little girl to join us...and despite how anxious she was to join us at first, she’s enjoying a game of hide and seek right now. I’ll experience contractions all night only to have them fade by morning (which is why I’m still dilating...albeit, very slowly).

So for the time being, I’m letting you pick my blog material. Way to make you all sound important when I’m really just being lazy, right?!

Wednesday, April 7

We’re Not in Kansas Anymore

You know you’re in the suburbs when...

The grocery store has a Starbucks inside and cup holder on the cart.

The neighbor’s kids egg your home for fun on a Saturday night, only to spend Sunday cleaning it up as punishment from their parents.

You wake up to the sound of ducks mating instead of cars honking.

Movie tickets only cost $11.50 instead of $16.50.

You live walking distance to the beach instead of Bloomingdales.

Traveling into the city is a train, not a subway, ride.

The city was fun while it lasted, but we’re embracing our new role as suburbanites quite nicely.

Thursday, April 1

Unveiling Baby H.I.T.'s Nursery

When I first began working on Baby H.I.T.'s nursery, I asked Husby what he thought every 5 seconds.

- Which color should we pick? Whichever you'd prefer.
- Which flowers do you like better for the tree? Whichever you'd prefer.
- Which fabric do you like better for the window bench? Whichever you'd prefer.

I began to sense a pattern.

Immediately, my hormone-crazed brain thought, "He doesn't care about the nursery...", which soon became, "He doesn't care about our baby." Of course, that was absolute nonsense, but as the unofficial rules of marriage state, only I am allowed to say that out loud.

So, I locked him out of the nursery decorating process - ala George Banks.

This was the last he saw of our little girl's room:

And he knew the nursery theme, same as all of you:

I was obsessed determined with making the room perfect and, little by little, it all came together.

Then, three weeks ago, we had a crazy storm.  Electricity was out everywhere (except our house - thank goodness!).  Whole trees were uprooted, lying in the street.  We were homebound for the weekend, so I decided it was finally time...

to unveil Baby H.I.T.'s nursery.

I grabbed the tie he wore at our rehearsal dinner, blindfolded the daddy-to-be and tore down the "No Daddies Allowed" sign.

As soon as the door was open, Husby took off the blindfold and was astonished to see:

Later on that evening while shutting down the house, Husby took a moment to walk back into the nursery, and I overheard him say, "wow," as he took it all in again.

We learned two things during that storm. 

First, that Baby H.I.T. really is going to be joining us soon. She will no longer be a sonogram image, but a person that we will love and raise. Together, we are creating a family. 

And second, that it's OK to do things differently. When I first shut the door to the nursery, we received confused looks from family and friends. But after seeing his face as I unveiled Baby H.I.T.'s nursery, I knew we did the right thing for us.

Some people see a swatch of fabric and envision the entire room. Others can't see past the small square before them. Which person are you?

Note: Nursery mural designed and drawn by Jennifer Verde King. Bedding from Dwell Studio. Furniture from Pottery Barn Kids. Cradle is an heirloom piece. Song lyrics from James Taylor.

Also, I have a wide-angle lens. It makes any room look huge :). While definitely a room that can fit two in the future, her room really isn't as big as it looks. 


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