Thursday, May 27


About 11 months ago, I had a waist. It was great. It fit into all my clothes. You know, the ones filling up my entire closet?

Then fabulousness happened - I got pregnant.

And with that fabulous news also came the magical expanding waistline. New maternity clothes were placed into my closet, pushing all my old staples to the far corners of the earth. Then, Babes arrived and I encountered a new type of waist - the disappearing one.

You know, the one that shrunk so quickly I no longer fit into any of my maternity clothes, but am still too large to fit into any of my old clothes?

Barring any thoughts of retailer conspiracy theory, I’ve set to do the one thing I said I would NEVER do. It’s a little four-letter word I liken to the devil.


Two weeks ago, I started the South Beach Diet and have just begun Phase Two. I’ve already lost 6 pounds. AMAZING. Who knew an old fad could still produce such great results?

So why not the ever-popular Weight Watchers?

Maybe because the SB cookbook included a recipe for Tuna Tartare from one of my favorite restaurants in Miami. Or maybe because a Husby’s colleague just finished the diet with amazing results. Or maybe because I hate math and anything that involves a calculator.

Either way, I have 10 pounds to go and I’m thinking they’re going to be the hardest. So my closet has made way for yet another group of clothes - the waist-loss ones. You know, the ones you wear when you’re inbetween sizes. Now if only I had a bigger closet.


Tuesday, May 25

M.I.T. Mondays - My Little Houdini

A day late and a buck short, welcome to Mommyhood.

Babes Age: 6 weeks

When we were in the hospital, Babes was snuggled up nice and cozy in her swaddle. Husby and I asked the staff to show us this technique several times. When it was time to leave, we were pros.

Until we got home.

The minute we stepped over the threshold, everything we’d been taught was forgotten. At the hospital, we were cool as cucumbers. At home, we were nervous nelly’s who had no idea what they were doing.

Especially when it came to swaddling.

For reasons unknown to man, the Carters receiving blankets are shaped as a rectangle - not very conducive to swaddling when you need a perfect square. I would wrap her tighter than a spicy tuna roll only to have both arms break free in two seconds.

Even Houdini couldn’t accomplish that.

So a week later when Husby and I were shopping at BuyBuyBaby and I spotted Aden & Anais swaddle blankets, I quickly grabbed a package. It was the first time I had seen a blanket made for swaddling. Sure I could have wrapped Babes in a sleep sack, but let’s be honest - those things are just plain ugly Babes gets too hot in them.

I followed the instructions on the package to re-learn how to swaddle and guess what?

Babes was trapped.

In a good way and now I’m hooked. The soft muslin swaddles are light weight and come in fun, fashion-friendly prints (because doesn’t everyone match the swaddle to the outfit?). And at $44 for a package of four, they easily beat the $15-20 price tag for a single sleep sack.

I’ve already begun stocking up for baby shower gifts. Need another reason to jump on the Aden & Anais bandwagon? How about their Swaddle Love Foundation? Or all the charities they support?

Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Disclaimer: I was not paid to write this, nor did I receive any product or outreach to write this post from Aden & Anais. I am simply writing about a product that I found, fell in love with and think that all of you should love too. 

Thursday, May 20

The One With the Cough

While watching television, Husby has a coughing fit:

H.I.T.: Oh, that felt good.

[Husby looks at me like I’m crazy]

H.I.T.: What? While you were coughing, I farted.

Husby: That’s what I do. I cough so you can fart.

Monday, May 17

Mommy-In-Training Mondays - Dancing Fool

Welcome to Mommy-in-Training Mondays.

Every Monday, I’ll give you Babes’ age and a brief story or conversation. It might be about a particular product I can’t live without, it might be about a funny thing she does, but it will always be about learning to be a mommy. Because do you ever really stop learning?

Here we go!


Babes Age: 5 weeks

Every morning last week, I would wake up, get dressed and begin working out; and without fail, Babes would begin fussing for food 5 minutes later.

So I’d set my alarm clock 15 minutes earlier the next day.

But once again, hunger struck and Babes was fussing 5 minutes into my workout. After a few days and some very early mornings, I realized that Babes wasn’t fussing for food.

She was fussing for Mommy.

When she first came home from the hospital, she always had an alert period in the morning. To keep her entertained, I popped on some music and we “danced” together - I would move her arms and legs to simulate dancing. In the weeks that followed, she began sleeping more and our morning dance session was sometimes cancelled.

Much to Babes chagrin, I soon found out.

After 3 days of earlier and earlier morning workout times, I walked into Babes room after some fussing and peeked into her crib. Immediately, the fussing stopped. She looked over at me and smiled. So I picked her up, brought her downstairs and we began dancing.

She loved every minute.

This morning, I woke up, got dressed and began working out. And you know what? For once, Babes didn’t start fussing.

Because she knows that we’ll be dancing soon enough. Now if you'll please excuse me, it's time for our morning dance session to begin.

Hope to see you next week!

Tuesday, May 11

And the Winner Is...

If a name says it all then this one tops the cake:

Congratulations Lucky Dame!

And just in case you'd like to see the numbers file:

Thanks again to Kohl's for providing the winning prize.

Blog posts will resume next week with my new feature, Mommy-In-Training Mondays or M.I.T. Mondays.

Have a great week and thanks for playing :).  

Saturday, May 8

Diamond Earring Giveaway

Time is running out...

for your chance to win some sparkle.

In case that wasn’t motivating enough:

Enter here. Good luck.

Thanks Kohl's!

Friday, May 7

The One With Border Reinforcement

At about 3 a.m. last night:

Husby rolls over, flailing his arm across my body, hitting me in the face and waking me up.

H.I.T.: Growl.

Husby: Snore.


Husby: What?! Is Babes up?! What’s wrong?

H.I.T.: Nothing, but could you please stay on your side of the bed?

Husby: You woke me up for a border dispute?

H.I.T.: I needed reinforcement. Good night.

Wednesday, May 5

Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend

Especially when you are born in April, like Babes.

To celebrate the birth of my new babe and mother’s everywhere this Mother’s Day, the wonderful people at Kohl’s are offering one of my lucky readers diamond earrings.

Yep, I just said the magic words.

Diamond and giveaway.

Now, before you begin judging my diamond earrings from Kohl’s, hear this: they are I.G.I. certified for the 4 C’s - color, clarity, cut and carat weight; come with 14K gold screwback posts - so you don’t have to worry about losing them; and are a 1/2 carat in weight in a four-prong setting.

Simply gorgeous.

Not familiar with I.G.I.? They are the International Gemological Institute. It’s where Husby went to buy the diamond for my engagement ring, and where he went back when he wanted to surprise me with diamond earrings for Christmas.

These people know their gems.

Luckily, you don't longer have to trek all the way to New York City's diamond district to find the perfect Mother's Day gift at the right price. You can simply find it at Kohl's. Who knew?

No, seriously, who knew Kohl’s had such a great jewelry department? Let’s just say it’s a good thing Husby still has a few more days before my first Mother’s Day to do his shopping...

What?! A girl can dream - diamonds and rubies and pearls, oh my!

So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and enter this amazing giveaway (valued at $699). Here’s how:

In ONE comment:
  1. Let me know that you are a follower (or become one)
  2. Leave your e-mail address in the comment (or activate e-mail in your profile). If I can’t contact you, you can’t win.
For additional entries (let me know what you’ve done in the SAME COMMENT):

     3.  Tweet about this giveaway and leave the link to your tweet**.
     4.  Create a giveaway button, add it to your blog and tell me where to find it.
     5.  FOR 3 EXTRA ENTRIES write a post about this giveaway on your blog and leave the link to your post (without the link, no extra entries). You must link back to this post through my blog title: Suburban Housewife-in-Training, and you must mention Kohl’s as the giveaway sponsor and link to their site.

**If you have a private twitter account, you MUST add me as a reader so I can view the tweet. Otherwise, you will NOT receive an additional entry. You will only receive ONE extra entry no matter how many times you tweet about the giveaway.

*Only open to residents of the continental U.S.A. (sorry folks – international shipping is a nightmare).
*Winners are chosen by
*Once selected, winner has 48 hours to contact me, otherwise another winner will be chosen.
*Contest ends Sunday, May 9th at 11:59 p.m. ET. Winner will be posted the following day.
*Rules for each entry must be followed to be valid. Blog author has right to refuse any entrant. Any attempt to obtain additional entries, beyond ways listed above, will cause entrant and all entries by that person to be VOID.

I was not paid to write this post, nor did I receive a pair of diamond earrings or any other gifts as compensation. I was approached by Kohl’s to sponsor a giveaway for my readers and accepted their offer as I am personally familiar with Kohl's and I.G.I. 

I hope you all enjoyed learning more about the product offerings of the company, as I did, and good luck!


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