Tuesday, June 22

I'm Not Normally This Flakey...

But Babes is keeping me on my toes.

She keeps changing her schedule on me. Such a trickster, just like her dad.

So until she decides to sleep later than 5:30 a.m., which I'm hoping will be in the next day week or so, I'm on a little hiatus.

I can't wait to tell you all about a fab Etsy find, some delicious recipes and another room unveil from my home... I may even share nursery theme - we're not there yet, but it is on our crazy minds.

Tuesday, June 15

Vaccination Week

Here in the H.I.T. household.

And Husby just had some wisdom teeth pulled...

So this little M.I.T. is exhausted.

I'll be back next week with an amazing Etsy shop, delicious recipe and possibly another photo of Babes. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, June 9

The One With the Heat

Laying in bed last night:

H.I.T.: You’re really hot, can you please move over?

Husby: I’d love to! [moves closer to me, snuggling]

H.I.T.: No, I mean you’re really hot. Your leg is like a space heater.

Husby: Oh.

Monday, June 7

M.I.T. Mondays - Making Friends With Mommy

Babes Age: 8 weeks

I admit it.

For a while, my only friends lived on Facebook.

After Husby and I moved out to the burbs we wanted to make friends, but it just didn’t make sense. We were 4 months pregnant and we knew that soon we’d be making friends with other parents, so we decided to wait.

And wait we did.

There were plenty of dinners with parents, date nights, and overnight visitors. More dinners with parents. More date nights. More overnight visitors. You get the picture.

Well the wait is over.

Two weeks ago, Babes and I began going to a Mommy & Me group. We’ve already made friends. It’s fabulous. And guess what?

We have our first playdate this morning!

The only snag occurred while exchanging information.

While passing out celling phone numbers, the quiet sound of texting was quickly replaced with the anxious cries of infants demanding their afternoon bottles. Later, we tried exchanging the rest of our vitals - home phone, email, twitter ID, blog, facebook name - but with all the ways to communicate these days, it was just too much info to cram into a single text message.

Welcome to the world of making friends with mommy, multi-tasker extraordinaire.

Mommy doesn’t have time to text message. Mommy barely has time to brush her hair, let alone her teeth. And when making friends, mommy passes out calling cards instead of wasting time entering information into a cell phone she never uses.

$48 for 250 cards

$35 for 100 cards

$80 for 250 cards

$46 for 100 cards

Maybe I should sign her up for kindermusik, infant yoga, little gym...hmmm...I’m predicting lots of dinner parties with babies in our future.

Tuesday, June 1

Can We Be Friends?


Is it just me or does this couple look like alot of fun?

Something tells me the women in that "young women's" league I told you about last year wouldn't approve...

p.s. I realize this is a marketing video for a Sienna MV, but it's damn funny and I just had to share. Bravo.


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