Wednesday, September 29

Babes's Big Day

So today is EEG day.

I know she'll do great.

It's me I'm worried about.

The thought of seeing my little girl with nodules glued to her adorable head is just too much. I hope they at least let me hold her or hold her hand...

On a positive note, her spells calmed down for about a week. She's had a few this week, but none that have caused a lapse or absence like the two that caused us to call the doctor. And, she's still reaching milestones (like learning to sit unaided), which is also a sign that things are moving in the right direction. All great news.

We are keeping our thoughts positive and feel confident that passing the doctor's in-office exam is a good indicator that she will also pass this test. We hope to receive results by the end of this week, early next week.

Until then, my blogging will remain on hold.

Thank you for all your support.

Friday, September 24

You Know It's Been a Long Week...

When halfway through breakfast, you realize you're eating a regular burrito

instead of the tofu breakfast one.


Monday, September 20


So the good news is that Babes passed the in-office exam. The bad news is that the doctor still wants to perform an EEG to make sure her shudders are not seizures.

Keeping our fingers crossed...

Tuesday, September 14

Mommy Woes

I'm sure it's nothing. Just another Mommy moment where I'm overreacting...

but when your baby shudders it's scary.

Especially when it happens more frequently and more intense than before.


I'm taking a small break to focus on what's important - my family -  while we figure out what is causing this phenomenon. I don't normally do this, but if you wouldn't mind keeping Babes in your thoughts, I'd really appreciate it. Like I said, I'm sure it's nothing and she's fine, but a few extra thoughts and prayers never hurt.

Thanks for understanding guys. I'll keep you updated. xo

Monday, September 13

M.I.T. Mondays: Teething 101

Babes Age: 22 weeks or 5 months

Well it's begun.

The dreaded teething.

How do I know? My once independent and happy babe now fusses all the time. She wants to cuddle instead of play. But the biggest indicator was when she screeched after biting Sophie the giraffe.

This morning while brushing her top gums (my dad's a dentist people), my suspicions were confirmed - she winced at something she used to love.

I'd make a great detective, let me tell you.

But even so, there's nothing I can do to make her pain go away.

My post on my niece's birthday present will just have to wait. Right now, I'm indulging my teething daughter by writing this post as a napping Babes sleeps on Mommy. After all, it'll all be too soon when cuddling with Mommy is a thing of the past.

This lemonade sure does taste sweet.

Friday, September 10

Friday Finds

A roundup of my favorite deals around the net this week:
  1. The adorable sleeper gowns by Mooncakes at Zulily are the perfect night time companion. Nothing says sweet dreams like pretty pajamas.
  2. No art? No problem. The colorful prints of Unison Home pillows on Gilt Groupe will brighten up any room, and are sure to get guests talking.
  3. Ollie the Octopus rocker by Rockabye on Hautelook gives playrooms a much needed break from the typical rocking horse.
  4. I’m drooling over Whitney Pozgay’s new like Whit available on Swirl. In true fashion form, there's a price tag to match the oh la la style. Bummer.
Looking for more deals? Here are my recommendations on what to check out:

WallCandy Arts - ends 9/14 at 7 a.m.
Fun letters to personalize any nursery, kid’s room or play space.

Mooncakes - ends 9/15 at 7 a.m.
Shanghai meets Palm Beach. I adore these sleeper gowns.

Lunchbox Girls/Boys - ends 9/14 at 7 a.m.
Send your little ones off to school in style with these mad for plaid picks.

Not a member? No problem! Sign up here.

Gilt Groupe
Unison Home - ends 9/14 at Midnight
Pillows that are more artwork then textile.

Stroll in Style - ends 9/14 at Midnight
Baby Bjorn carriers, Maclaren strollers and accessories, JJ Cole Bundlemes, Skip Hop goodies and Life Factory bottles. Need I say more?

Missed the Boat: Trumpette - starts 9/11 at Noon
Fun colored socks, shoes and tights for tots.

Not a member? No problem! Sign up here.

Rockabye Toys - ends 9/11 at 8:00 a.m.
Who wouldn’t want to rock the day away on these plush rockers.

Allen Ave. Designs - ends 9/13 at 8:00 a.m.
The stuffed toys in this sale are sure to add a punch of color to any room.

Not a member? No problem! Sign up here.

Whit - ends 9/13
Parisian meets prep in this fun new line called Whit, by Whitney Pozgay. I’m particularly sweating the Puffed Sleeve dress and Belted Mini Skirt. Sigh.

No a member? No problem! Sign up here.

The Mini Social
Children Inspire Design - ends 9/14 at Noon
Decor for the under four set.

Kidorable - ends 9/15 at Noon
Fun gear for dreary weather.

Not a member? No problem! Sign up here

Thursday, September 9

I Never Thought...

I would be the 'crazy' woman on our street.

Yesterday, the neighbor's kids ran into me. I happened to be banging a wooden spoon on a pot, charging a bush in our garden.

I definitely saw a finger point.

They definitely did not see the two deer I was trying to scare away.

While walking Babes today, I ran into two other kids from the neighborhood. They may or may not have made a drumming motion while I passed.

Oh well.

Might as well run with it...

after all, Halloween's around the corner =)

Tuesday, September 7

The One With the Steak

Over a fondue dinner:

Husby: You cut my meat pieces way too large.

H.I.T.: Because you always complain that they overcook when I make them bite-sized...

[H.I.T. walks into kitchen to get something]

Husby: Really?

H.I.T.: What?

Husby: This piece is a full steak in some parts of the world!

H.I.T.: C'mon...

[silence, H.I.T. is still in kitchen]

Husby: I need to take your forks out.

H.I.T.: How come, did you lose a piece and need to fish?

Husby: No. I need to cook my steak.

H.I.T.: FINE! You win. I'll cut them smaller next time.

Thursday, September 2

Roll to Me

Since Monday is Labor Day, I leave you with an early M.I.T. post:

Babes Age: Same as Monday. Duh.

*Movie has been removed for privacy.

Wednesday, September 1

The One In the Other Room

H.I.T. putting away groceries, Husby in family room with news on:

H.I.T.: Which dressing would you like in the fridge?

Husby: Whichever. I'm in hell right now.

[H.I.T. rushes over to see what's on the news/going on]

H.I.T.: Really? You're playing Plants vs. Zombies?

Husby: Yes. I'm in hell right now.

H.I.T.: Next time, could you lessen the dramatics. I thought it was something serious!


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