Sunday, October 31

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

p.s. We did go with the spider costume for a Halloween party with friends, but seeing as Grammie bought Babes this costume, we wore this on Halloween day.

Thursday, October 28

Caught In A Web of Costumes

If you’re anything like me, you ordered your child’s halloween costume way back in August when they first became available online. A month later, you changed your mind. Then, you changed your mind again.

And again. And again. And again.

Until finally it was the weekend before Halloween and you ordered the very best costume you could find on Etsy.

You were so excited when it arrived...

three sizes too big.

As in, large enough to fit a 3 year old toddler.

So, four days before Halloween the search began. Again. And just when you exhausted every possible idea and were ready to give in to those oversized plush animal costumes for infants defeat, the curtains opened and lightening struck.

I hightailed it to Michael’s, made a quick stop inside Babies R’ Us, and rounded the trip with JoAnn’s before heading home and starting her costume.


After all, why leave to others what you can do best yourself?

Oh, I almost forgot.

She's caught in a spider's web.

1. Carter's white long-sleeved onesie with iron transfer spider image.
2. Black long-sleeved Gap T-shirt with white puffy paint.
3. Carter's white short-sleeved onesie with iron transfer spider web image.
4. Homemade spider headband and semi-homemade shirt. Skirt by Amy Coe. Black tights by Gap.

Tuesday, October 26

Meet Fluffy

Our pet spider.

We only let him roam free once a year.

It's easy to see why...

He bites.

But only when he's hungry.

So pet at your own risk.

1. Bloody font for sign from here.
2. Own dog mat and bowl.
3. Fingers and eyeballs from Michaels.
4. Spider body made by wrapping a feather boa around a styrofoam ball, attaching with sewing pins. Legs made with large pipe cleaners.

Friday, October 22

To Trick Or Treat

On Halloween, the local police shut down my neighborhood. Car entry is prohibited. It becomes a pedestrian paradise for trick-or-treaters.

And this is our first year of joining in the fun!

We decided to give our house a little trick and a little treat as a witches lair - complete with spider guards.

1. Black spider web and spiders from GrandinRoad ($29).
2. Black floral wreath made by me, idea from Family Circle.
2. White spider webs and small plastic spiders from Michaels ($1.99 -$4.99).
3. White pumpkins spray painted with black metallic paint.

Starting today and every post leading up to Halloween, I’ll show you how to make a lair of your own.

Do you trick or treat your house?

Wednesday, October 20

The One With the Bathroom Toll

Walking out of the bathroom doorway, when Husby stops in front of me:

H.I.T.: What are you doing?

Husby: Stop trying to touch my butt!

H.I.T.: I’m not... [Husby refuses to budge] Excuse me...

Husby: You are too, and I’m giving you the perfect opportunity.

H.I.T.: Fine. Toll paid. Good night.

Husby: Told you so.

Monday, October 18

M.I.T. Mondays: Vaccination Days

Babes Age: 27 weeks or 6 months

Today is Babes’s six month doctor appointment which means lots of vaccinations for the little girl...

And, because it’s the fall, it also means flu shot.

I see it as the perfect excuse to snuggle and let her nap on Mommy this afternoon.

Happy Monday all!

Wednesday, October 13


After what's felt like forever, we finally received the results to Babes's EEG...normal.

We are beyond blessed that everything turned out OK. While we still don't know what's causing her to shudder, at least we know that she is neurologically fine and we feel confident that things will continue to work themselves out.

I'll resume normal blogging next Monday. I need to go hug my little girl one more time.

Monday, October 4

M.I.T. Mondays: Matching Mommy

Babes Age: 25 weeks or 5 months

My good friend over at Me Sew Crazy, aka my sister, and I were laughing talking about how I secretly like to wear matching clothes with my daughter.

If I’m wearing a heathered pink polo, she’ll wear a pair of antique pink and gold coveralls, if she’s wearing bright pink, I manage to throw on a bright pink belt. Cute without being over-the-top.

Most of the time.

When I know we'll be home all day and Husby will be working late, I'm sometimes tempted to throw caution to the wind.

After all, who wouldn't want to look like this adorable little girl?


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