Tuesday, February 1

The Explanation

So I feel like I owe you an explanation.

All I told you was that my plate is full and I don’t have time, but who doesn’t have a full plate? Who isn’t busy? Usually I give you more and I’m sorry I couldn’t do it sooner, but here goes.

We’re pregnant.


Yes, we’re those crazy folks who go and get pregnant when their first child is only six months old.

Yes, we planned it.

We always wanted a family with lots of little kids running around and we are in the camp that it’s best to get the baby stage done and over with all at once - the so-called "band-aid" approach to parenting.

So why stop blogging? Because we didn’t plan for some of the difficulties that have arisen since becoming pregnant.

After my first sonogram at five weeks, we found out that my body wasn’t producing nearly enough progesterone (I was at a 2) to sustain the pregnancy. Pregnancy scare #1. Fortunately, my body took to the supplements and we safely progressed forward to the 11th week (when the placenta takes over). We have yet to breech the subject if this can cause future fertility problems. One pregnancy at a time...

Then the spotting started. Pregnancy scare #2. It was light at first, went away and came back with revenge. I was placed on bed rest until I went two weeks with no bleeding. After sitting indoors for almost three weeks, we are finally two weeks blood free and feeling great.

We knew this would be a tough pregnancy, but we weren’t prepared for the emotional toll it’s been as well.

At our first doctor appointment, we were told that I’ll be considered high risk once I hit 20 weeks, I’ll have to stop traveling at 28 weeks versus the normal 32, and that they are concerned I’ll deliver early again since we initially went into labor at 35 weeks with Babes.

Husby looked at me and said, “Are they trying to scare us?”

The answer, of course, was no, but they want us to understand the gravity of the situation. A baby born even a week early is at risk and the most important thing in our life at the moment is taking care of Babes and making sure our newest little one doesn’t arrive a moment too soon.

So I decided it was time to put blogging on the back burner.

Now my mornings are spent reading a few blogs, catching up on Facebook, and playing with Babes. And during her afternoon nap, when I used to blog, I curl up with a good book or some trashy television, but mostly, I rest. After all, I realize that time is precious and the more time my littlest one spends inside my belly, the better.

Attention Readers:
If you'd like to continue reading Suburban Housewife-in-Training, I regularly update my Facebook page. I post pictures, recipes and, now, pregnancy updates.

As I do plan on coming back in about a year, I've decided that I'll post a few updates from time to time to keep you abreast of what's going on. Besides, I'm totally narcissistic and miss blogging like crazy. 


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