Thursday, March 31

Daddy Duty

In our house, there are some things that fall into the “Mommy” category, and some things that fall into the “Daddy” category*.
  • Cooking dinner = Mommy
  • Grilling dinner = Daddy
  • Taking out the garbage = Daddy
  • Grocery shopping = Mommy
So when we experienced something out of the ordinary over vacation, I immediately placed it in the Daddy category.

Nanny L and I were bathing Babes in the big kids tub, chatting about some of our funniest home video moments:

Suburban H.I.T.: When my brother was two, he called my dad a choice word in the bathtub because he turned the faucet off!

Nanny L, laughing: Seriously?! We have a video of all us kids picking our nose and farting - we had no idea we were being taped!

Suburban H.I.T.: Too funny! Wait, what’s that?

Nanny L: Is that what I think it is?

Suburban H.I.T.: Quick, get her out of the tub!

I run down the hall to our bathroom where Husby is showering.

Suburban H.I.T.: You need to get out of the shower now. I have an immediate Daddy Duty for you.

Husby: It can’t wait?

Suburban H.I.T.: No.

Back in the bathroom with Babes and Nanny L, Husby walks in...

Husby: You weren't kidding when you said Daddy Duty.

Suburban H.I.T.: No, we have some Code Red Floaters that you need to get out of the tub immediately.

So there you have it. While discussing our own mortifying family moments, Babes decided it was time to create one of her own and pooped in the tub.

I don’t know about you, but that definitely falls in the Daddy category.

*These are generalizations. Of course Husby cooks when we’re having tacos or fondue, and I’d be remiss to say I never took out the garbage, but generally speaking, this is how these chores are broken up.


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