Tuesday, May 31

Shabby Apple Winner!

I love this part.

Really I do, it's so much fun to place all the entries in numbers, go to random.org and generate the winning number.

So without further ado, I present the winner of the Shabby Apple Memorial Day Giveaway...

Erika of Chambanachik!!!

This mama (her little Millie is ADORABLE), military wife and awesome blogger said this of where she'd wear Spanish Steps:

"I would love to have a (rare) date night with my husband, and feel glamorous in that dress! :)"

Hopefully your wish comes true Erika! We all deserve date night once in a while - even if it's just under the stars of your own backyard once your little one is asleep.

Didn't win? That's alright, because ALL OF MY READERS will receive 10 percent off any Shabby Apple order by simply using the code SuburbanHIT10off! Happy Summer everyone!

Friday, May 27

Wednesday, May 25

The One With the Flavor

Eating dinner last night:


Husby: This is really delicious.

H.I.T.: Really?

Husby: Yes, really.

H.I.T.: No, really? Last night, I recall asking you to refrain from farting while we eat dinner.

Husby: It adds a touch of flavor to the air.

H.I.T.: Let’s leave the seasoning to me.

Monday, May 23

Shabby Apple Memorial Day Giveaway

I first became aware of Shabby Apple’s fabulousness last year when a couple of bloggers wrote about their classically chic dresses. I searched through their inventory in absolute awe, hoping that an invitation would arrive in the mail to give me a reason to snatch up some goods.

Then, while three months pregnant I found out they made a maternity line! Husby and I had just booked our vacation to Anguilla with Babes and it seemed like the perfect opportunity! I happily ordered away. It fit like a button on vacation and afterwards it was set aside in hopes that the dress would still fit once the warm weather rolled around.

I didn’t have to wait long.

For Babes's ladybug birthday party, my sister (Me Sew Crazy) made Babes the most adorable ladybug dress and guess what matched to a tee? My Shabby Apple dress - Finding Out!

So when they approached me a couple weeks ago to see if I’d be interested in Shabby Apple providing one of my readers with a free dress, you can imagine my excitement! After all, look at these dresses:

  1. Champs Elysees (little blue dress anyone?)
  2. Seven Seas in Seersucker
  3. Happy Talk
  4. San Gabriel
How could I say no?

So once again, I scoured the women’s dresses in search of the perfect dress to giveaway and after much back and forth and perhaps another small purchase for myself, I landed on Spanish Steps.

I’ve been dreaming about our Roman Holiday for quite some time now - reminiscing about all the fun we had and how I can’t wait to go back when our kids are older. This dress would have been perfect for touring the churches and heading straight to dinner afterwards.

Well, a girl can dream.

Until then, this number would be perfect with a little faux glow at a summer picnic or barbecue and it'll bring you right into fall with it’s earthy tones!

Here’s How To Enter the Giveaway:

In ONE Comment: 
  1. Tell me where you envision yourself wearing Spanish Steps.
  2. Leave your e-mail address in the comment (or activate e-mail in your profile). If I can't contact you, you can't win.
For ADDITIONAL entries (let me know what you've done in the SAME COMMENT)*:
  1. Tweet about this giveaway and leave the link to your status/tweet**. You will only receive one extra entry no matter how many times you tweet about the giveaway.
  2. Create a giveaway button using Suburban H.I.T. and Shabby Apple, add it to your blog and tell me where to find it. 
  3. Become a Suburban H.I.T. Facebook Fan and Shabby Apple Facebook Fan (or tell me you're already a fan of both sites).***
  4. FOR 3 EXTRA ENTRIES write a post about this giveaway and leave the link to your post (without the link, no extra entries). You must link back to this post through my blog title: Suburban H.I.T., and you must mention Shabby Apple as the giveaway partner, linking to their main page. 
*You will only receive extra entries once, no matter how many times you tweet about the giveaway or if you write more than one blog post.

**If you have a private twitter account, you MUST add me as a reader so I can view the tweet. Otherwise, you will NOT receive an additional entry.

***If you use your personal name on Facebook and a different user name on Blogger, you must tell me your Facebook user name in order to obtain the additional entry.

*Only open to residents of the continental U.S.A. (sorry folks – international shipping is a nightmare).
*Winners are chosen by random.org.
*Once selected and contacted via e-mail, winner has 48 hours to contact me in return, otherwise another winner will be chosen.
*Contest ends Monday, May 30th at 11:59 a.m. ET. Winner will be posted the following day.
*Rules for each entry must be followed to be valid. Blog author has right to refuse any entrant. Any attempt to obtain additional entries, beyond ways listed above, will cause entrant and all entries by that person to be VOID.

Disclaimer: I was not paid to write this post, nor did I receive a free dress or any other gifts as compensation. I was approached by Shabby Apple to host a giveaway for my readers and accepted their offer as I am personally familiar with the brand. 

Photo Credit: Photo of Suburban H.I.T and Babes provided by Raya Ward of Ray of Light Photography. Thanks Raya!!

Thursday, May 19

How Sweet It Is

to be loved be loved by you.

Four years ago today, Husby and I recited our vows before God, family and friends, declaring our love for one another.

And oh how our life has changed in just four short years.

I’ve mentioned before that the song, “How Sweet It Is [to be loved by you]” by James Taylor was our wedding song. It represents our lighthearted nature and loving spirits, and we knew it was something we’d hear again and again during the course of our life.

But the song truly has a special place in our heart, so I’m going to share a story with you about loss, love and rebirth.

When I first became pregnant, we were beyond excited. I ate way too much, gained weight super quickly and ended up buying maternity clothes before the first trimester even ended. When we lost our baby 13 weeks into the pregnancy, we were devastated. The maternity clothes I bought one week prior all had to be returned - I will never forget when the saleswoman asked why I was returning everything. I wanted to scream at her. To shake her for her insensitivity. But, I realized she was just doing her job and wasn’t privy to my personal life and what I was going through.

After that, Husby and I decided we wouldn’t buy ANYTHING baby related until we reached the second trimester. We didn’t want to experience the pain of having to relive any single moment through returns.

Then I saw it.

It was shortly after we began trying to conceive again and we just found out we weren’t pregnant. It was a sign from God. A sign that our marriage and love was strong for one another and that, in one way or another, we would be parents.

I had to buy it.

After a short internal argument discussion, I bought it and popped the item into our closet storage at Husby’s parent’s house.

No one needed to know about this.

The following month, I was eagerly awaiting my period when it never came. Anxious, I bought a digital test to make sure there was no confusion about the results. When it came back positive I was beside myself with joy. I jumped in the car, drove out to the ‘burbs and picked up the item I so carefully hid away the previous month.

That night, when Husby came home from work, I had a little present waiting for him:

A baby bib embroidered with our wedding song lyrics and a positive pregnancy test that clearly read: Pregnant.

So you see, this song has a special place in our hearts. Not only was it the first song we danced to as a married couple, but it’s the song we think about when we remember the moment we discovered we were pregnant again. We knew there was something different about our second pregnancy. Everything just felt right.

Now, in each of our children’s rooms, we have the lyrics hidden into the murals painted on their walls, so they will always know how sweet it is to be loved.

I love you Husby.

May 19, 2007

Tuesday, May 17

Not Ready...

I'm just not ready...

For words, although I can't help but smile every time you say cheese when a camera comes out.

For steps, although it brings me great pride to watch you try to use the bannister to walk up the stairs.

For fits, although I realize you are independent and maybe it's time I let you lead once in a while.

For the toddler years, although they're here, whether I want them or not.

You're growing up so fast it's hard to keep up. It seems like only yesterday we were laying on the floor dancing to "Heartbreaker," but now we lay on the floor laughing together over a fun game. I might not be ready for all that's to come, but you can't seem to get there fast enough.

Mind slowing down just a little so I can enjoy these moments a bit longer? I love you Babes.

Thursday, May 12

To Roomba Or Not To Roomba

That is the question.

Since Babes began walking, let’s keep it real - since Babes began eating, our once clean house now has food everywhere. Rooms that were restricted to water now contain puffs and I can’t count the number of times I’ve looked down and found a lone Cheerio on our kitchen floor.

At this point, my line of vision no longer includes the kitchen floor. If it did, I don’t think I’d ever stop sweeping.

Cue to a morning news show discussing Mother’s Day presents - robots for the home. I promised myself to never ask for an appliance for Mother’s Day, but I was oddly intrigued by the automatic stirrer (the review wasn’t so great) and robot vacuum (whose review WAS great - if you don’t own a pet).

And now I can’t stop thinking about it.

How wonderful it would be to walk barefoot on my kitchen floor, not wondering if I’ve just stepped on a Cheerio or an old piece of string cheese. To automatically set a timer for scheduled cleanings. To never look at my broom again.

Then came the ants...

Little buggers that find a way in no matter how many times you spray. We have baits out, but I’m thinking it’s time to stop avoiding the floor and fix the real problem that’s brought them here - toddler floor buffet.

So, before I shell out a ton of cash for a robot (hey iRobot, if you're reading - I gladly accept free gifts! Hint, hint. :) , do any of you have a Roomba? Which one and what do you think of it? I’d be using it on hardwood floors, mostly, and we don’t have any pets - but after giving birth my hair sheds about as much as a Golden Retriever in springtime.

How do you combat this never ending battle?

p.s. If you think I'm exaggerating, check out the photo I just posted on Facebook.

Monday, May 9

It's Been A While...

And I miss you. So as my Facebook fans now know, I’m coming back!


I’m still pregnant. I’m 27 weeks and about to enter the third trimester, so things are about to get difficult. Maybe. But maybe not. We’ve been keeping a positive outlook on everything.

Truth be told - I think this little guy is going to arrive LATE. The doctors said it was unlikely that I would deliver early the first time around, and I did. Now they say it’s unlikely that I’ll deliver on my due date, so I’m thinking my body is going to do what it does best - proving people wrong. I’m thinking this baby will be cooking for the full 40 weeks or longer. We’ll see...

In other news, I do plan on blogging more regularly. I don’t know how regularly, but it will be more. I have a big project planned for June that I’ll tell you more about soon.

A note, my posts won’t be quite what you’re used to...I have major Mommy brain these days so my observation of anything not related to Babes and Baby H.I.T. is extremely limited. But who knows if they’ll ever be exactly the same. That’s the great thing about a blog - it evolves as your life does - but it may go back to the old ‘norm’ once things have calmed down a bit. But maybe once Babes starts talking, I might post her conversations instead of mine and Husby’s.

No matter what, I’m excited to be back. And hopefully, you are too.

One last note, I can’t thank you all enough for everything. All the support and love I’ve received through this blog the last year and a half is amazing. Thank you for sticking by me through each and every hiatus - for understanding that life happens! You are all such an amazing group of readers and I wouldn’t be coming back if it weren’t for you.

After all, it’s not the blogging I miss, it’s you guys.

Friday, May 6

Ladybug Picnic Birthday Bash

1,2,3... 4,5,6... 7,8,9... 10,11,12 ladybugs went to the ladybug picnic!

After 12 months of watching Babes develop and grow, she finally turned one year old and it was time to celebrate in true ladylike fashion with a Ladybug Picnic soiree.

We loaded up our picnic basket, spread out a blanket and enjoyed some delicious spring fare while singing along to a Kindermusik session. Everyone had a great time and, afterwards, Babes passed out for a 3-hour long nap. I'd say it was a success!

Interested in hosting your own Ladybug Picnic? It’s easy! Here’s how I did it:

  1. 7 'Ladybug Picnic' Pompoms from PomLove $33 for lot
  2. Apothecary Jars and Cake Stands from HomeGoods $12.99-$19.99 each
  3. Red Party Tubs from Party City $5.00 each; covered with Black Avery dots $7.50
  4. Magnetic Vases from DCI $34 with red/white Gerbera daisies $3 each
  5. Ceramic Flower Pots from Michaels $1.99 each and ribbon from M.J. Trimmings $1.59 p/y (I used double stick tape to hold ribbon in place)

  1. Picnic Basket from Walmart $12.99 (I tore out the floral lining and replaced with red gingham fabric using a glue gun)
  2. Red Gingham Fabric from Joann Fabrics $4.49 p/y
  3. Delicious Cakes and cupcakes by Pastry Prince 

  1. Green Vinyl Tablecloth from Party City $3.99 with Green Crinkly Shred from Creative Gift Packaging for grass-effect $4.75 for 1 lbs (I bought 4 and used 3 1/2)
  2. Chocolate Ladybug Lollipops from Candy Crafts $24 for 24 pops in galvanized tins from Target $1 (I used foam to hold the lollipops in place)
  3. Ladybug Sugar Cookies from Batches $24 for one dozen
  4. Personalized Water Bottle Labels from Chickabug $15 for 15 labels

  1. Flower Centerpiece using Boon Grass Drying Rack $17, 3 Gerbera Daisies $3 each and Mini Ladybugs $5.95 for a set of 6

  1. Wooden Ladybug Clips from Michaels $1
  2. Basket with Red Gingham liner from A.I. Friedman $10
  3. Lucky Ladybug & It's Your Birthday Sugar Cookies Parent Parting Gifts by Sunshine Bakes $28.50 a dozen
  4. Children's Goody Bags: Red Plastic Bucket from Party City $1 with Black Avery Dots $7.50; Ladybug Shaker $4.50; Baby Rainboshaker $3.36; Mini Pinwheels by Aubrey $18 for 20; Ladybug Treat Bags by Bug Lover Cards $13.50 for 18; Ladybug Bubble Bottles $15.79 for 24; Round Thank You Tag by Let's Party On (custom price for small party package - lawn sign, highchair bunting & sign)

And there you have it! One Ladybug Picnic Birthday Party to boot.

Initially, I was planning on making most of the dessert items myself, but the pregnancy got the best of me and required a bit more resting than anticipated before the party. Cake pops would be a great replacement for the Chocolate Ladybug pops and it'd be easy to bake your own sugar cookies.

What are some of your favorite first birthday party themes?


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