Wednesday, June 15

The One With the Fly On the Wall

Or, a conversations round-up post for my sister who is due any day now. Hope this makes you laugh Jess :)

Here are some things you’ve missed the last two weeks:

The One With the AC Unit

Apparently new AC units (for central air) aren’t meant to go below 70 degrees.

H.I.T.: Ridiculous. Shouldn’t I be able to determine how cold I want to be at night? I wake up drenched in sweat every night.

Sister: Husband is from California - we sleep with the AC at 73 every night.

H.I.T.: WHAT?! If Husby tried doing that, I’d make him dress up in some long johns, flannel snow pants, and an oversized hooded sweatshirt for his pajamas and I’d hide a heating pad on his side of the bed. How else can you teach empathy?


The One With the Wine Fridge

Following Babes around while she explores the kitchen:

Babes, stops in front of our wine fridge: Dada!

H.I.T., thinks, “Girl knows her father,” says, smiling: Yes, honey, Daddy.


The One With ABC’s

My daughter, the picky eater:

Avocados = YUCK
Broccoli = YUM
Carrots = YUCK
Salmon = YUM

I don’t even like salmon.

Watermelon = YUCK
Pickles & BBQ Potato Chips = YUM

I wonder if she inherited my pregnancy cravings for taste buds.


The One With the Splish Splash

In the kitchen*, cooking dinner:

Husby: H.I.T., where’s Babes?

H.I.T.: Playing in the hallway. She thinks if she stands at the bathroom door long enough, it’ll magically open and let her in.

Husby, looks down the hallway at Babes: Uh...H.I.T., it looks like Babes figured out a way to “magically” turn the handle and open the door.

We both run down the hallway to grab her before damage can be done...

Babes, laughing and splashing around in the toilet: Ha! Ha ha!

H.I.T.: She's mocking us. She's definitely mocking us.

Husby: That's our little girl!

*The hallway is less than 10 feet away from where I was standing and this happened in all of one minute. I think you get my gist...

Wednesday, June 8

Messy Month And a Half

When we moved into the house last year, we thought it was the perfect size.

Then Babes arrived.

Along with all the baby crap stuff that you manage to pick up along the way - bouncers, toys, clothes, swings, toys, clothes, exersaucers, toys, clothes, etc. Did I mention lots of toys and clothes? Our once huge home with tons of storage was slowly being dwarfed by an infant.

We knew we were going to start trying again in October - we decided to take the "band-aid" approach to parenting and have our kids close together in age - but we hadn't totally thought it through. So once we got pregnant, we began to panic...

Where was this child going to sleep? All the rooms were taken. And we had so much stuff we really couldn't start shuffling things around. Easily.

So the sleepless nights began.

Until I had the brilliant idea...

To finish part of our attic.

Forget that all the baby crap stuff was being stowed up there along with a ton of holiday decorations and stuff from who knows where. It needed to get done. Now. Or else we'd be storing an entire bedroom furniture set in our attic (along with all the other junk stuff).

For the last month and a half, we've been living with our attic storage in our dining room, a bedroom and nursery set in the new nursery, and a whole bunch of miscellaneous items in our guest room (got all that?), all while a portion of our attic was being refinished.

Minus all the crap stuff and plus a few beams, here is what the attic looked like before:

And now it looks like...

A big huge mess! The carpet was finally installed yesterday and today all the storage was finally brought back up, so I've spent the last week and a half pulling together the final touches to finish up the attic. Now that it's finally done, I can actually work on organizing on the nursery and our new space, and emptying out the guest room to make way for some guests!

All while relaxing on doctor's orders.

So there hasn't been much time for blog posts or really much of anything.  BUT, next week I'll have pictures of the newly finished attic and I might even have another giveaway to make up for my lack of posting.

Hope you still puffy heart me. Because I still iridescent oily sticker heart all of you. And everyone knows those were the best stickers to get in a trade.

Thursday, June 2

Happy Birthday To Me!

I thought last year would be the best birthday ever - my first birthday as a mother, but after just one hour of being awake, this year has already topped it! 

I woke up to a kiss from Husby and a serenade of Glow Worm lullabies (via Babes' monitor), the most amazing birthday gift (sure to cheer up any girl turning 30), and, later, a kiss from Babes when I picked her up from her crib (she NEVER gives Mama kisses). Pretty darn amazing.

Now we're sharing Cheerios on the kitchen floor and I couldn't be happier as my daughter smiles up at me from my lap while my son moves around in my belly. Life sure is good right now. 

Later, we'll have an ice cream cone together and then it's off to celebrate with my family over dinner.

Who wouldn't want to celebrate with her? Happy Birthday to me!


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