Friday, July 15

Baby H.I.T. Nursery Reveal!

Initially, we were planning on keeping the sex of baby number 2 a surprise, so I developed a unisex nursery theme. But after staring at the sonogram of our baby for over 45 minutes, I had to know the sex...

I was beyond excited when the technician said, "boy."

No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't figure out what would be his nursery theme. Then, over dinner while on vacation in Anguilla, Husby mentioned what he thought would make a great theme.

It was perfect!

I present...the new nursery for Baby H.I.T.!

and After:

We loved the idea of a nautical nursery, but it seemed cliche and overdone. That's when Husby thought it would be fun to design a pirate-themed nursery, complete with a treasure map mural on the wall. I loved it! It allowed us to create a soothing alcove for our baby that would be a fun enough theme for him to grow into.

Many of the main pieces are from Pottery Barn - fortunately for us, they launched a nautical room about a month after we came up with our theme - talk about perfect timing! The pieces that inspired the mural were three simple canvases I found at HomeGoods for $15.99 a piece. We had them framed and they fit the room perfectly. The ship wheel was a $30 find from Amazon! And we recycled the Serena & Lily glider we used in Babes room - we just re-stuffed the back cushion.

Being a deal girl, I was super excited to tell Husby that our nursery came in WAY UNDER BUDGET! We used Amex points for furniture, my dad and mom helped hang the curtain rods, and many of the room accents were found at places like HomeGoods and online sites like Zulily. We pieced together our bedding set since we couldn't find something that matched the theme and it saved us a ton.

Now that the nursery and attic are done, I'm busy nesting in organizing the office. Still no movement, so we'll just have to wait and see when Baby H.I.T. plans on joining the party...

Tuesday, July 12

T-Minus 2 Days to 37 Weeks

And we're doing everything we can to keep this little guy cooking!

He's making quite the fuss these days. Here's a brief update:

- We're experiencing some pretty strong contractions throughout the day. Fortunately, rest seems to keep them at bay so I've been resting up a storm.
- As of last night and all day today, I'm now experiencing consistent lower back pain. When this happened with Babes, I went into labor two days later.
- I can't figure out if walking is uncomfortable or just difficult. Either way, I'm not doing much of it these days.
- The pressure is downright painful when I move around - just another reason why I'm laying down most of the time.
- As of last week, I began dilation and effacing. My next appointment is on Thursday, so we'll know about any more progress soon.
- I still have baby clothes sprawled all over the floor of the new nursery, but Husby has the room on lockdown until Thursday.

Husby keeps begging Baby H.I.T. to stay in until tomorrow afternoon - he has a big meeting tomorrow morning that he kinda needs to be at. I keep telling him to stop jinxing himself by asking Baby H.I.T. for favors.

We've alerted the tree that it looks like labor is coming soon in hopes that it would stop things (like when the minute you bring your car in to get fixed, the problem goes away), and we've had no such luck today. Maybe this post will help slow things down a little...

Until then, we'll keep you guys posted! Wish us well :)


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