Thursday, November 15

Holy Snotface Mom Batman

When Babes was born, I joined a Mom's group. Life was great...except all my friends lived about 25 minutes south of me. Then, Buddy came along and being on rest prevented me from maintaining those long distance friendships.

Everyone said not to worry, once the kids started preschool I would make new friends. But what happens when the mom's at preschool aren't your cup of tea? 

Early this year, I reached out to a new parent whose daughter was in Babes class. They had just moved to the Burbs and I thought it would be nice to hang out while the girls played. It went great and we scheduled another playdate. Her child got sick, so we rescheduled - she said she was phobic about illness and hated when the kids caught cold. So when Buddy got sick right before our rescheduled date, I cancelled out of politeness. 

I'm one of those, they're going to get sick anyway, type of parents. As long as your child isn't vomiting or have a fever, I'm perfectly fine letting either child play with your runny nose, coughing child. Half the time, it's not something they can catch anyway. But since she made her thoughts on it known, I was trying to be respectful.

Well I must have done something wrong, because holy Snotface Mom Batman! 

We ran into each other about 3 times this past week and I got the cold shoulder to the extent that once, I was intentionally left out of a conversation - she turned her back on me to begin a new conversation. I thought maybe I was being silly, reading into things, so I responded to a note she sent with a question about the upcoming holiday. Instead of starting a dialogue, she ended it by answering in the shortest form possible. I've never received a curter e-mail or response. Seriously. 

And to top it off, I'm now going to a playdate that someone else is planning and it's just me, this new woman, and Holy Snotface Mom. Maybe she just had a bad couple of weeks, but I think it's more.

I don't want to create any awkward moments during this playdate, but I think this woman has no idea how to be politely mean to someone. I mean, come on, turning your back on me?! 

So, help! How do I handle this new situation? 


  1. Can you just ask her when you get a second alone, "Hey- did I do something to offend you?"

  2. I agree with Miriam above. Honestly asking her is the best policy. Some people are shy or easily offended and it may have bee a misunderstanding. Maybe she is going through something. I know that when I am having a hard time it is hard to open up to new people.


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