Thursday, January 26

Meet the New Cast

The votes are in and I'm happy to welcome Buddy to the blogging world!

Thanks for all your help guys.

It’s been a while since we introduced all the players, and with some new faces in the mix, I’d say it’s also about time to do it again. Here goes:

Suburban H.I.T.

Yep, that’s me. Pretty much your typical Martha Stewart wannabe Mama with baby mama drama. Ok, so I'm not really that typical.


My unsuspecting amazing husband. He had no idea what he signed up for when he married me. Good thing he has a sense of humor!


She is the spitting image of me as a child with all the spunk and sass of my husband. Killer combination, that will be TONS of fun when she enters the teen years terrible twos. She’s just learning to talk and we’re learning patience and how not to laugh in front of a toddler.


Don't be fooled. This kid has us wrapped around his little fingers. A true mama's boy with a quick temper to boot; he's got some fire under his diaper. We can’t wait to watch his personality develop...

Mary Poppins

Our loving au pair who instantly became part of the family. She survived endured drove 20 hours with me and our two screaming adorable children in a car and decided to stay she still likes us. Enough said. She's a rockstar and we never want to let her go. we want to keep her forever and ever. we love her.

Well there you go. Welcome to Suburban H.I.T. 2012 - more kids, more laughs and hopefully more fun.

Wednesday, January 18

Rock the Vote

Before I can introduce the newest cast of characters, I need some help.

What on earth should Baby H.I.T. be called on the blog?!?!?!

We have a few contenders:

My brothers immediately nicknamed him Dr. Tre - a take on the name Dr. Dre. He was also called Master P (as in popper) for a while, but I know a friend of mine calls her little one by that moniker.

I have always called him my little Snuggle Bug. He loves cuddling up into that crook in your neck, gazing into your eyes and falling asleep. It's absolutely adorable until he won't sleep in his crib alone...or when he's older and his friends make fun of him. 

With the kids born so close together (I swear, we planned it this way!), we had some help taking care of baby boy while Babes adjusted to life with a less than focused Mama. She would always ask how her Buddy was doing and he would just smile at her loving voice.

So, kindly take your opinions to the poll in the upper left corner of my blog and help a Mama out.

What nicknames do your children have?

Sunday, January 15

Mommy Mush

With the addition of our second child, my brain was replaced with a pile of mush.

I forget everything.

Even when it’s written down, I forget it. Post-it note on my coffee mug? Slips my mind. Red ink on my calendar? No way I’m remembering it. Lipstick on my mirror? Hard to wipe clean and I still forget it (probably because I’m cursing myself so much while cleaning the oily smudge off the mirror).

Here’s a sample of some of the things I’ve forgotten lately:

  • Putting on my shoes. I was out the door before our amazing au pair (more on her later) mentioned I was forgetting something important. I remembered. 
  • The baby monitor. It gets left behind everywhere - my closet, the bathroom, the laundry room.
  • Placing the nipple in the bottle. The baby didn’t think milk all over his face was nearly as funny as I did.

I only remember these because I wrote them down. In 3 different places.

Welcome to motherhood with more than one child.

What funny things have you forgotten lately (if you can remember any of them!)?

Wednesday, January 4

Why, Hello There

Here's what we've been up to the last half of the year...

We welcomed our son on July 26, 2011

Two days later, we brought him home to a less than thrilled Babes.

We enjoyed beautiful fall weather...

But still couldn't get the kids to get along.

Babes and I went on our first trip alone together. She was perfect!

We went trick or treating.

And by Thanksgiving, a miracle happened...

Now, we're one big happy family...

With two little kids in cahoots.

Happy New Year! Looking forward to seeing you again real soon!


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