Wednesday, May 30

Sunny Endings

To celebrate a sunny end to our rainy day.

And the perfect music while enjoying a taco and corona dinner. :)

Tuesday, May 29

Paris at Midnight

For our five year anniversary, Husby and I decided to do something daring. We went on a romantic trip to Paris for five days...

without the kids.

It was amazing and excruciating all at once.

We visited the Moulin Rouge to make sure our trip was Spectacular, Spectacular. 

Stopped by to say hello to our friend, Mona Lisa, and a few others.

Heard Quasimodo ring the bells of Notre Dame.

Dined inside the Eiffel Tower, because climbing it is so passé (see my use of French!).

Walked the streets pretending to be Parisians, but failed miserably due to our lack of language skills.

Sealed our love on our anniversary with a love lock on the Ponts des Arts.

Enjoyed the splendor of the city at night. 

And called the children twice daily using FaceTime. 

So much for a trip without the kids! 

Friday, May 25

An Email

Lately I’ve been thinking how much I love writing and wanted to find more time to get back into it.

Yesterday, I realized how much I miss blogging. Then, I opened an email from a friend which read:

You should blog more.

It was just the push I needed to get my gears in motion. So here goes... But what to write about? Like someone who hasn’t ridden a bike in years, my mind instantly began shuffling through moments, picking out post after post after post. We’ve experienced so much this last year and there is so much to share.

I always thought blogging was a gift, because it made you appreciate life all the more. You truly observed what happened around you (in the hopes of finding amazing blog material) instead of just going through the motions of life. It turns out, I was still observing all those moments, silently storing them away for good use later. 

Husby and I just came back from an anniversary trip to Paris (I’ll blog more about that later...).

Without the kids.

We loved every minute. That is, every minute we didn’t spend desperately trying to connect with the kids on FaceTime. There was so much beauty, history and wine. Yes, lots of food and wine. We pretty much ate our way through the delectable city, stopping here and there for some art and shopping.

But the best part was coming home.

We came home while the kids were still sleeping from their nap and were able to surprise them when they woke up. It was amazing to see their faces light up upon us entering the room.

I learned so much about myself on that first trip away from our children with my husband. Most importantly, that life is short. I’ve been spending my days worrying about organizing the office, finally getting the house together, one project after the next, all of which keep me busy during the day and only half my attention on playing with my beautiful kids.

Since coming home, I realize things can wait. Who cares if the office is a big mess? I’ve also relearned the art of efficiency. As a stay at home mom, I would drag some things out so that my time would remain occupied. My trip in France reminded me that it’s OK to have nothing to do! Now, I quickly run through my daily tasks so I have more quality time to play with my children. And more me-time during naps. And it’s that me-time that I plan to use to begin blogging again. 

Lookout world, this Suburban Housewife-in-Training just may be graduating to the next level.


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