About Me

After slaving away for seven years in public relations and marketing, this New York City gal met the man of her dreams. She traded in corporate misery for a life of domesticity, and decided to blog through every bump and surprising turn.

Nothing was sacred in her newlywed life, especially the bedroom, and poor Husby, her aptly named spouse, was caught unaware. From their blue-taped bed to dinner table farts and bickering over apples, the secrets of marital bliss were exposed.

Following her antics as a New York City Housewife-in-Training, or H.I.T., it wasn’t long before her and Husby had a little bun baking in the oven and they followed the herd out to the ‘burbs. This little lady went from city gal to green acres, or really, from NYC H.I.T. to Suburban H.I.T. (yes, I am the S.H.I.T. but you didn't hear me say that!).

It won't be long before Babes and Buddy, the littlest members of the S.H.I.T. household, run the decks of this ship.

Blog features span the realm of life in suburbia - from table top decor and recipes to beauty and fashion products; husband and wife intimacies to funny family moments.

Interested in contacting me? I love to chat! Please drop a line at SuburbanHIT (at) gmail (dot) com.


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